YMCA’s addition back on track, may wrap up in Nov.

Casey S. Elliott
Wednesday, August 12, 2020
In progress

The first phase of a two-phase expansion project at the Southwestern Montana YMCA on Swenson Way in Dillon is underway, with an expected completion date in mid-November. Pictured are YMCA board members and employees Keith Handlos, Phil Willett, Marv Furnadiz, Sandi Sloan, Tracy Blando, Todd Rouse, Terri Haverfield, Barb Nordahl; and summer camp youth Addy Cottum, Jordyn and Brandyn Smith, Scarlet and Violet Brosam. Casey S. Elliott photo

Though weather delayed construction start, and the coronavirus pandemic caused construction-related delays, the Southwestern Montana Family YMCA’s gymnasium construction is mostly back on track.

YMCA and construction officials say crews have made up time, so the actual completion of the phase 1 improvements are estimated to be completed by mid-November.

Contractors began excavating and pouring concrete toward the end of May and early June. Delays to start pouring concrete due to wet weather, and then getting steel, led to a slow start. Then contractors had to work around needing to quarantine some staff because of the pandemic, adding approximately a month to the calendar, owner’s representative Dan McGee said. But workers have largely made up those delays and have been working long hours to do so.

The $3.3 million project will add a gymnasium and a suspended walking/running path on the north side of the Y, and an indoor summer camp and group fitness area on the west side. Phase 1 is the gym and walking/running path, along with a climbing wall.

Phase 2 does not have a start date due to continued fundraising. YMCA CEO Todd Rouse said the business still needs roughly $350,000 donated to move forward with construction of that phase.

The additional space will allow the facility to provide more member and community opportunities for recreation, from sporting events to community activities and classes. Rouse said it is often difficult to schedule activities in town at other gyms because of the demand.

Rouse added the hope is the extra space will also drive more income from new memberships.

For more information, call the YMCA at 406-683-9622.