What time is it?

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

They did it to us again this past week! You know what I am talking about? OK, so you don’t know!! That’s because you have a time lapse. You gained an hour or did you lose an hour? Whatever happened you are now in a time lapse. And you do know you will have to pay an extra tax for the extra hour. When you got an extra hour you did get a tax return for that hour. Look on line 254 on page 672 in small print.

Daylight Saving Time causes much stress, agitation, confusion and tension. It makes you have a funny appetite. You will have a desire to eat sardines with peanut butter. It will cause you to cry and swear. I know you did that before but now it will increase.

It will give you a desire to answer all robo calls. You will want to extend your car warranty. You will want to buy a time share. You will have time on your hands with a time out. You will be on time some time in the near future.

You know a man invented Davlight Saving Time?!? Yes, a man! No woman in her right mind would invent this silly scheme. Oh by the way!! That man! He is in prison serving time. Not Davlight Saving Time, just time!

Time to reset my clocks. If I can remember how to do that. Time will tell!!

LaVon D. Brillhart