Ward 4 city council seat applications due Thurs.

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Even with another seat coming open last week (see story above) the City of Dillon will continue to take applications for its vacant Ward 4 seat through at least tomorrow, Thursday, April 29.

The Fourth Ward of the City of Dillon is all of that portion of the city lying west of Ward I and enclosed within the city limits and the following line, Beginning at the intersection of the city limits and the eastern end of Cornell street; Thence First course, northwesterly along Cornell Street to its intersection with California Street, extended; Thence second course, northeast along California Street to its intersection with Center Street, extended; Thence Third course, west along Center Street, extended to its intersection with the Union Pacific Railroad tracks; Thence southwesterly along the railroad tracks to their intersection with the city limits.

Any resident of Ward 4 and citizen of the State of Montana who is at least 18 years old can apply by submitting a short letter of interest and brief resume to: The Honorable Michael Klakken, Mayor, City of Dillon, 125 N. Idaho St, Dillon, MT 59725.

As its most recent occupant, Rich Wassall, noted in one of his threats to resign from it before he actually did last month, that Ward 4 seat has recently had a number of recent occupants— six in just the past half-dozen years.

If more than one person applies, the candidates for it will then go before a city council meeting next month for a brief presentation of their candidacies and to answer any questions about their candidacies that councilpersons may ask them.

The city council would then vote on which candidate to seat.

That person will gain the seat through the end of 2021.

The seat will go before city voters this fall.