Save time, have a nice nap
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

To the editor,

Oh! They have done it to us again. And you know who “they” are? But we never see them, never hear from them, but “they” know who we are. No!, not the tax collector, not the person who lent you money last month. It’s “they” who say it’s time for “Daylight Saving time.” I know you secretly have been saving time and you are now a hoarder of time. I know time flies. And now with new regulations you must have a passport with time flies. Wait..sorry, back to time you now have on your hands. What are you going to do with time on your hands? It’s like a rash, very hard to get rid of time on your hands. You have to have a prescription to get rid of time on your hands lotion. You use it every day and time will tell if you are cured..sorry got off the subject again. With time you have saved over the years you must declare this on the 2020 census. Time after time people forget how important doing this is a loss to our State and the Nation.

Daylight Saving Time! What if it’s a cloudy day? What about night time? Where does the daylight go? Next question, have you ever seen the daylight inspector? He/She carries around a note pad and a flashlight. And you don’t want to get flashed by the inspector. He/She will inspect every clock, every watch to see if you are saving time. Don’t be killing time!

With all the time you have saved, have a nice nap!

LaVon D. Brillhart