Unified States of America

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

To the editor,

Our country is at a crossroads, one that should not go unnoticed. Americans face an enduring quandary as we consider the future of our novice democracy; we would be wise to consider carefully how to proceed.

On Jan. 20, 2021, President Biden was officially sworn into office. Along with supporters, it was difficult not to notice surprising faces in attendance, including President G. W. Bush, Former V. P. Pence, and Minority Leader of the Senate McConnell. Three Supreme Court Justices brought in by the former administration took their places and Garth Brooks, a Republican, moved listeners with his soulful rendition of “Amazing Grace.”

These folks made the conscious decision to attend the inauguration even though it was not easy and not without consequence. President Biden asked those who did not support him to “take a measure of him” and trust him to get up every morning, determined to work hard for every American.

We all have our “team” … MSU! UM! The same goes for politics, however, these days our preferences tend to harden into deep-seated beliefs which can, and do, break down the closest relationships. How can I call her without an argument starting? What if he brings up politics?

Three past presidents from both parties jointly encouraged Americans to come together for the sake of our nation. Imagine if each of us were to trust the other side, beginning a movement towards healing, one relationship at a time.

The gifts of trust and goodwill towards each other may be the first steps toward the Unified States of America.

Elaine Hundley