Twin Bridges School and Community Foundation looks to promote excellence

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The Twin Bridges School and Community Foundation met Monday, March 15 in Twin Bridges to update their current by-laws and elect new director officers.

“I believe our foundation board of directors in cooperation with the Twin Bridges School District Trustees, administration, staff, and the community at large will develop exciting opportunities to enhance our school and community’s efforts for excellence in education inside and outside the classroom,” said Tracey Pearce, newly elected Twin Bridges School and Community Foundation Board Chair. “We have been working for some time to make this transition possible and have engaged a great blend of business professionals, parents, and both current and retired school professionals who will work together to formulate and carry out a strategic plan.”

The Twin Bridges School and Community Foundation was originally established in 2001 under the guidance of then-Superintendent Rand Bradley and several community leaders. The Foundation is organized as a nonprofit corporation per Montana Code and the IRS 501(c) (3) for charitable donations. Additional director elections included Vice Chair – Mike Smith, Secretary – Bobbie Jo Konen, Treasurer – Cleve Witham, and School Liaison – Verta Dorseth. Karen Town and Rand Bradley serve as Directors At Large.

“Our first responsibility is our stewardship to our existing and future donors to ensure their monetary donations are being dispersed properly in accordance with their guidelines in order to maintain their trust and continued support. We also want to create avenues and facilitate discussions for visionary projects,” explained Pearce. “Anyone wishing to discuss their ideas and donations should feel free to reach out anytime to myself or any other board of directors member.”

The foundation is looking to expand on its well-established scholarship endowments in addition to focus areas of facilities and school enhancements and teacher innovation – be it for the classroom or professional development.