Trump is great

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

To the editor,

Do you actually think a geriatric moron and Kamala beat the vote count of Obama. Unlike liberals who are rejoicing the start of the end of America, the working men and women of America are doing what we always do – get up and know that God will not tolerate men going to the bathroom with little girls, or babies being killed to finance the Democrat party.

Only liberals that have non-essential jobs, subsidized by working Americans, rejoice in the double digit unemployment that’s on the way. What morons you are to think that government subsidized solar or wind is going to clean up anything with Biden’s puppet masters contributing 80 percent of the world’s greenhouse gasses unchecked. Our Independence on foreign oil traded for some leverage on stocks owned by Biden and Pelosoi, not to mention a job for Biden’s son.

The only thing that that will be proven besides how corrupt the liberal Biden circus how great the Trump Presidency was.

Jay Hahnkamp