Wednesday, June 2, 2021

To the editor,

Welcome to Dillon’s version of Tribalism!

In response to reporter Regan’s “F-bombs away: Free speech debated freely at city meeting,” I write this letter as a political independent who never voted for Biden and never voted for Trump.

Like much of America, Dillon is divided into two primary tribes: (1) the “progressive-liberals,” which include the F-Bomb Trump Tribe members, and (2) the “conservatives,” which include the F-Bomb Biden Tribe members.

Since 2016, the vocal members of the F-Bomb Trump Tribe (FBTT) wrote nearly 200 letters to the Dillon Tribune condemning President Trump and ridiculing his supporters, which the FBTT condescendingly labeled as “Trumpkins.” Most of the F-Bomb Trump Tribe’s rhetoric was severely hateful.

Unfortunately, local progressive-liberals were strongly silent and never condemned these hateful letters by the F-Bomb Trump Tribe. Pick your metaphor: “You reap what you sow!” Local progressive-liberals’ failure to condemn the hate-promoting F-Bomb Trump letters and hate-rhetoric enabled the F-Bomb Trump Tribe, which in turn directly fueled and facilitated the membership rise of the F-Bomb Biden Tribe.

Now, Mr. Muntzer, the most vocal member of the F-Bomb Biden Tribe (FBBT), is expressing his First Amendment rights.

However, Muntzer’s F-Bomb Biden Flag (and related expressions) were not helping his political causes.

Mr. Muntzer, please give some serious thought (and action!) to this constructive suggestion. Instead of vulgarities, how about using something like Lucky Biden or Trump 2024!

By taking these smart actions, you would demonstrate persuasive marketing savvy, authentic conservative patriotism, and genuine communitycivic charity.

Randy Piper