Thawed: Dillon Rotary Ice Melt Contest ends

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Given the frozen state of the lake the day before, the sight of the Dillon Rotary Ice Melt Contest floating on an ice-free Logan Lake on Thursday might have seen like a late-winter mirage.

But the ice truly did melt, suddenly and swiftly, pulling the weight attached to the clock on the contest raft into the water and ending the contest.

“It went in Thursday,” said Raymond Graham, who keeps a daily eye on the contest raft on Logan Lake from his nearby home.

“It was kind of a funny year. Because it was still frozen—it never melted anything around the raft. And then suddenly, it was all gone,” reported Graham of the disappearance of the ice around the raft and across the lake on March 18—the calendar’s second-to-last day of winter.

“All the ice went on basically the same day,” said Graham of the phenomenon that ended a contest that’s been staged annually for decades in Dillon.

“It’s never really happened that way before—at least not that quick.”

The quick melting will provide some quick cash for contest winner Anna Cossel, who will pocket $500 for submitting the closest guesstimate of when the contest would end this year. Second place finisher Harvey Lake earned a cool $250, while bronze medalist Nathan Alexander pocketed $100.

Other proceeds from the contest will go to fund student scholarships and local projects.