Tendoy Summer art camp for young artists opens Monday

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Summer camp usually means a chance for kids to get outside to engage in athletic and recreational activities, while the getting is good in the warm weather.

A new sort of summer camp starting in Dillon this year will take kids aged 10–18 outdoors— to exercise and expand their artistic capabilities at the Young Artist Summer Camp: Exploring Nature Through Art.

“Part of the charm of this is that will be working with the kids outside, seeing nature and learning how to translate that into art,” said Jeannie James, who will be hosting the art camp for five consecutive days, starting Monday, Aug. 2, through the Tendoy Gallery in Dillon, where she has been holding art classes for children this summer.

The camp will engage children aged 10–18 with sessions featuring a different focus each day. The camp will be divided into two three-hour classes each day, with younger campers and older campers each gaining a session.

“The first day, we’ll do art journaling,” said James, who will oversee the camp with fellow Tendoy Gallery artist Colleen Howe-Cheney.

“We want each kid to do one; we think it’s important for everybody who aspires to do art to keep track of their inspirations in a way that will let you go back later and translate it. So, something you saw in summer you can look back on in the winter,” explained James, who said she sometimes refers back to entries in her art journal from five or six years earlier to inspire a new work.

The second day will take campers out for Plein Air Drawing—drawing items as they see them at an outdoor location.

“Just learning how to just sit and get ideas from what you’re looking at, gaining inspiration from what’s in front of you, that can be so important for a young artist,” said James, who will help campers paint on location with watercolors on the third day.

The final two days of the camp will focus on the medium of paper mache, with the first of them dedicated to creating paper mache sculptures, and then second to painting those sculptures.

“The older kids we will get a little more advanced, finding ways to create a free-standing paper mache, and ones based on movement,” said James.

For more information on the Young Artist Summer Camp: Exploring Nature Through Art, go to https://tendoyfineartgallery.com/ or call 406-660-3007.