Smiths open yet another biz

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
On the rise

Laramie and Silas Smith have become movers and shakers in the Dillon business world of late. The ranching couple have purchased a real estate company, a motel and opened a coffee shop in over the past year. The couple are pictured at the Atlantic Street Coffee Shop. J.P. Plutt photo

Laramie Smith is taking business multi-tasking to the next level, and then the next.

“I just purchased my real estate company,” said Smith of her recent acquisition of downtown Dillon-based Best of the West Properties, which sells land, residential, ranch and business properties.

Smith had been working there as an agent, a position that put her in prime position to launch another business venture.

“It just looked like a good opportunity,” said Smith of the local lodging facility Angler Village that she acquired this year with the help of her husband and investors.

“We’ll be running it as a short-term rental on Airbnb, with really nice, stylish rooms,” said Smith of the 13-room lodging complex that had housed rental units on South Atlantic Street near the University of Montana Western campus.

“All the rooms had been rented out with longer-term leases, so when we took over, we let the tenants know we were turning it back to its original state,” said Smith of the lodging complex that has undergone an extreme makeover since its days as the Creston Motel.

Even with all that on her plate, Smith this spring added a new coffee shop to her list of business ventures.

“It’s a beautifully redone lodge, so we couldn’t just let it sit empty,” said Smith of the Angler Village building that now serves baked goods, coffee and other drinks, burritos and breakfast sandwiches, and more, six days a week.

“It had a finished kitchen and all the furniture,” said Smith of the beautifully designed interior of the Angler Village Coffee Shop, home to, among other things, a rare white pool table.

“We really think Dillon can benefit from a space like this,” said Smith of the large, well-lit room that can be rented out for evening events like parties, meetings and receptions.

“And we have an amazing team and manager in place.”

Born on the Hi-Line, Smith moved to Dillon in 2015 to marry Dillon native Silas Smith, now her partner in love, life and ranching—and a burgeoning list of businesses.

“We just looked at them as good opportunities,” said Smith of the tripe-play acquisitions of new businesses in Dillon this year.

“Cows need good off-farm support. And we feel very fortunate to have these opportunities. As much as we love cows and ranching, it’s good to have an income source outside of that to help keep it all going.”

For more information on Angler Village, call 406-925-9956. For more information on Best of the West Properties, call 683-5373.