Wednesday, February 10, 2021

To the editor,

Many of us are getting very tired of the daily news reports where COVID is the main topic. It is news, I get that. But for those of us who lived during the Vietnam War, it reminds us chillingly of the news at that time, and the horrible body count that it seemed that newscasters delighted in relaying to us. Some of us also remember the classmates and boyfriends who never made it home.

News casts are depressing and I know several people who won’t even listen to the news or read the paper because it is so depressing. As a community and as citizens we all need to find things to do to uplift our spirits and combat this depression. One local business is advertising craft supplies. That’s wonderful, but some of us aren’t “crafty.” Building birdhouses is another great way to keep busy. At least our feathered friends benefit, and birdsong can be appreciated by everybody. In addition to my hobbies, which can only take up a limited amount of my time, I remembered what we did as teenagers. We cruised the drag! When I feel cabin fever setting in, I take my little companion dog and we head into town and cruise the drag. Try it!. It surprised me at how much better I felt. From the safety of my closed car I got to see people and feel part of the community.

We all need to find something to do that makes us feel good. Too many of the letters to the editor are negative and just point out bad stuff or what the writer perceives as bad stuff. We need more letters that celebrate happy actions and we need people to write about them and share with others. Maybe somebody else is feeling blue and this may be just the thing to boost their spirits. If at least one letter a week is happy and positive the rest of the week could be better for somebody. My Mother always told me to smile at others and so that they could smile too. A “smile” letter to the editor doesn’t cost anything. Try it!

Gail Yvonne Hansen