Shop local

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

To the editor,

First, I congratulate Jed Fitch for his good fortune in having only minor injuries for the car crash last week. May his recovery be total.

Secondly, may I suggest that when he feels better that he spend a day going through all the retail stores in Dillon for a clearer understanding of what’s available locally.

This is what I found by checking four stores:

3D carries adult shoes, slippers, and even compression stockings (and tennis shoes).

Family Dollar has some adult tennis shoes.

Murdoch’s carries both adult and children’s tennis shoes.

Rocky Mountain Supply carries tennis shoes for both adults and children, styles depending on the season.

I agree with Mr. Fitch that putting the relief money, as well as year round money, to work here at home where it is both needed and appreciated is strongly recommended. Our local merchants are doing a valiant job to provide for us in the face of box store, Walmart and Amazon competition.

Val Neeley