Wednesday, February 10, 2021

To the editor,

I was shocked and dismayed to find a very large news piece on the front page of the Jan. 27 Tribune which gave much press to a man who broke the law and is now charged with a federal crime. A man who is in open defiance of the law and is quoted as saying that he wants to “bring down our government” and truly believes he didn’t do anything wrong because he was ”invited in” to be part of a sting operation. A piece which seemed to embolden his actions and allow him to thumb his nose at our American Constitution and democracy by broadcasting his version of the events.

I am left wondering if the Tribune has lost its way and I’d like to remind you that Dillon is made up of hundreds of outstanding citizens and nonprofit organizations who work hard every day to make this community an outstanding place to live. These Dillonites give of themselves selflessly in a variety of ways while having no need to seek attention in order to “broadcast” their intentions. You can find them volunteering for nonprofit organizations. They work in our schools, hospitals, and clinics. They attend to our elderly and sick, and coach and mentor our youth. They lead us in prayer at places of worship.

Dillonites support their families, working jobs and owning small businesses. They lift each other up when someone falls on hard times. Dillon folk are law abiding citizens and proud of our democracy. People who know America is made up of great communities that promote cooperation, kindness, empathy, compassion, and hard work. People who know it is the action of the individual which make up the overall health of the whole. The whole that is this outstanding community of Dillon.

May I suggest, in the future, you choose to showcase the good individuals and organizations of Dillon on your front page and promote the things making this community great, rather than broadcasting the endless negativity determined to divide us and break us down.

Sandi Sloan

Horse Prairie