Shared humanity

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

To the editor,

From the liberal revolutions of the late 18th century to well into the 21st hope and disillusionment co-exist in every movement and social experiment. Tragedy is a daily experience. Inherent absurdity born from a sense of demanding pointlessness born from insurmountable senselessness never really dims renaissance, confidence and welcoming of ongoing encounter and reawakening of our collective humanity and unlimited fight for genuine dialogue, equity, fairness, justice and egalitarian democracy worldwide. The rational and the irrational define the battle lines. But life continues as long as we draw breath. If we are lucky, we continue until the exhaustion of old age brings us final peace. It can never be said too often life is a celebration to be indulged in and not a burden to be endured. Despair is always there, but it is dispelled by laughter, compassion, and empathy and of course the struggle for a better life for all people, all life, and the planet.

Our loved ones, ourselves, the environment remains a mystery forever being discovered and rediscovered. In our deepest sorrow there remains the kernel of love that defines our humanity. We each define our realities, and if we include in a community of mutual aid even the clouds futility cannot hide the sun. Xenophobia, hate, fear, nationalism, and wars divide us. The reality of our shared humanity globally unites us. That which divides us is artificial. That which unites us is our very survival. Now is the time for all of to take an active role in creating a planet, which no one globally is left behind, and we all share in the diversity of world without borders.

Michael Joseph Francisconi