Ryan Zinke

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

WHITEFISH, June 27 – Today, Ryan Zinke, former Congressman and Secretary of the Interior and current candidate for Montana’s western congressional district, released a statement opposing the gun control legislation recently signed into law by President Biden and drew attention to Left-wing lawyer and Democrat candidate for Congress Monica Tranel’s support for federal gun grabs.

“Congress must absolutely act to address the mental health crisis and school safety, however the idea that the only way to protect children in schools is to curb the rights of law-abiding citizens is a false choice and intellectually dishonest, ” said Zinke. “The new gun control law is deeply flawed and it is my hope attorneys general across the country sue against the constitutionality of the law and quickly stop it from going into effect. Due process and the basic American principle of innocent until proven guilty has been absolutely thrown out the door with this gun grab. Under this new red flag system, any individual can make a false claim to strip another person of their Constitutional Second Amendment rights. The accused is then on the hook to prove they are not a threat. It’s un-American and frankly, unconstitutional. I’m deeply concerned about the impact this could have on victims and targets of political intimidation.“