Rosendale blasts Biden Admin for cancellation of massive oil and gas leases

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Washington, D.C., May 12 – Last night, the Biden administration canceled major oil and gas lease sales pending before the Department of the Interior. The oil and gas leases consisted of over 1 million acres in Alaska’s Cook inlet and two additional lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico. This move comes amid record-high gas prices, which continue to climb, and half-hearted attempts by the Biden administration to tackle inflation and to lower energy costs.

“Once again, President Biden turns his back on the American people who continue to struggle filling up their tanks due to record-high gas prices. This decision also continues to increase the lack of trust between oil and gas investors and the Administration,” Representative Rosendale said. “Since January 2021, the United States has seen a decrease in oil production by 2 million barrels per day, and when the Biden administration took office, the national gas price average was around $2.37 per gallon. The simple solution to curb high gas prices is to restore American traditional energy production, but it is clear President Biden has no interest in resolving astronomical fuel prices. This Administration’s “America Last” agenda is inexcusable, and I will continue to pressure them to restore onshore and offshore energy production in our country until Americans experience long-term relief.

Matt Rosendale office press release