Roofing company helping locals deal with roof replacement

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Heading up

Owner Thomas Pendergraft stands in the driveway of a Dillon home on which members of his Elevate Roofing crew worked this week. M.P. Regan photo

Coming up to Dillon last spring, Thomas Pendergraft liked what he saw.

“The community of Dillon is phenomenal. I am in the process of buying piece of property here,” said Pendergraft, who is also in the process of running Elevate Roofing in Dillon to help address the numerous roofs he saw damaged here.

“I was from Idaho Falls and we got a bunch of phone calls about roofing work in Dillon,” said the veteran roofer of the glut of local roofs he saw in need of repair and replacement, many due to last August’s big hail storm that pummeled Dillon with large chunks of ice.

“So, once everything thawed out, we came up here,” recalled Pendergraft, who early this spring opened the local office of Elevate Roofing in downtown Dillon.

Employing a crew of up to 10 experienced roofers, Pendergraft said Elevate can start and complete a roofing job fast.

“We can do a house in a day, no problem,” asserted Pendergraft. “Roof off, down to the plywood, do a plywood inspection and then full installation—all in a day,” said Pendergraft, who figures Elevate, as of the start of this week, had completed 138 area roofs and hopes to get 150 more done before the 2020 roofing season ends, probably around mid-November.

“We will try to make it to Nov. 15. It needs to be at least 40 degrees for shingles to hold together. We are praying the weather holds out until then. And we will reopen March 15 next year,” said Pendergraft, who still sees a lot of roofs in town in need of help from a veteran roofer.

The efficiency with which Elevate replaces roofs is matched by the quality of the work, according to Pendergraft.

“Our shingles are rated for 120 miles per hour wind protection and have a 50-year warranty on materials and labor,” said Pendergraft of the shingles he uses that are made by GAF, the roofing materials company that has certified his company.

Pendergraft said he got licensed in roofing by Haag Engineering after completing a course put on by Haag in Texas in 2013—four years after he got into roofing while still in school.

“Back in high school, in order to play on the starting line, we had to roof all summer to stay in shape,” smiled Pendergraft, who said his training with Haag helps him help clients through the insurance claims process on roof damage.

Elevate Roofing maintains a local office at 18 S. Montana St. in downtown Dillon. The company can be reached by phone 406-925 0507 or by email at The compan website can be found at