Road Report

Beaverhead County road work for March 4–10:

Dillon Area – Put up spring Weight Limit signs. Roadchecked Dillon-area roads. Plowed snow on the following roads: Scenic Byway, Bloody Dick, Bannack Bench, Flynn, Stoddard, Blacktail, Wise River, Bannack Pass (Hwy 324), Lemhi Pass, Brenner, Big Sheep Creek, Ski Hill and local roads.

Lima Area – Flood control and plowed snow ridges on the South Valley Road. Roadchecked Lima-area and Dellarea roads and bridges. Plowed snow on the following roads: South Valley, Big Sheep Creek, Nicholia Creek and Meadow Creek.

Wisdom Area – Cleaned the shop. Performed equipment service and repair. Road- checked Jackson-area and Wisdom-area roads. Plowed snow on the following roads: Upper North Fork, Lower Mussigbrod, Lower Bender Creek, Big Swamp Creek, Big Lake Creek, Twin Lakes, Miner Lake, Moose Creek and Skinner Meadows.