Read your Bible

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

To the editor,

Well, now that we’ve seen what all the elements of Trumpism - racism, white supremacy, ultra-nationalism, cruelty, ignorance, misogyny, fundamentalist religion - can do when assembled in one place, it’s a pretty sobering picture. What was done at the Capitol by a bunch of society’s bottom feeders is a long-ignored wakeup call about domestic terrorism. These losers are nothing more than self-entitled, grievance addled crybabies. “Boo Hoo, society doesn’t like me. A black guy is going to take my job. My country is being taken away. Waaaa Waaa.” And the endless whining about the Constitution. These guys know as much about the Constitution as they do about the Koran. But in the end, although they’re extremely dangerous as a mob, and are certainly capable of killing people, they’re no threat to America. At heart they’re all cowards. Of course they have to be dealt with. Ringleaders will prosecuted and imprisoned or executed. Like all terrorist groups, Vanilla ISIS is just a pimple on the keester of progress.

What bothers me far more is our “leaders” ignoring the lesson that Chamberlain learned at Munich - appeasement. Trump should have been sat on a long time ago. He was a bum from day one. But Republicans, in their slobbering obsession to destroy Obama’s legacy, actively ignored the obvious flaws in the one person who would instead destroy them all. And that’s just what he did. Trump is done, as are Hawley and Cruz. But the brown on the noses of every Republican will carry with it a stink that will last well beyond the horrible legacy of the messiah they were praying for.

I’m not concerned for democracy at all. Trump cost the GOP both houses of Congress and the Presidency. Every election in the Trump era - the 2018 midterms, all the special elections, the 2020 elections, the Georgia Senate elections - were referendums on Trump. And Republicans lost every one. Decisively. The citizens of the country did their job. On Insurrection Day the Senate rallied and certified the election. It was the leaders of the Republican party who sold out themselves, their party, and their country for revenge on Obama and naked ambition. But, that’s who Republicans are.

I say again, Read your Bible. Hosea 8:7. The truth shall set you free.

Pete Bengeyfield