Public safety

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

To the editor,

I write this with tears in my eyes and an ache in my heart and a nagging feeling that the killing of innocent children will once again pass from public memory to be replaced soon with another act of unspeakable gun violence. Just why do we continue to suffer these tragedies and fail to respond to the root cause of them. What will it take to finally bring us to our senses and do something to control the number of guns in our society? The solution is simple, we need some form of gun control.

Yes, we have a constitutional right to bear arms but that does not mean that we cannot regulate the manufacture and sale of firearms. We can start with stronger background checks but we need to go further and reduce the root cause of so much senseless violence and that is the number of guns in our society. It is time for our politicians to put aside political rhetoric and consider what is good for all citizens and that is the reduction of firearms in our society.

Why must public safety become such a divisive political issue. Is not one person saved by having one less gun sold worth considering? Let us grieve but move forward toward finding solutions to this problem. Arming more people is not a solution, making our schools or businesses fortified institutions is not a solution, nor is moving on with only our thoughts and prayers for the victims, a solution.

This is a time for politicians to forget their NRA rating and think about the common good for all citizens of our country. It is a time for “responsible” gun owners to think about what your constitutional right to bear arms really means. Do we need assault rifles and high-capacity ammo clips readily available to everyone?

If we continue to support unfettered gun possession then we will continue to reap what we sow, continued gun violence. How many more people must die before we come together as a nation to value the sanctity of human life over gun rights.

Otis Anderson