Plan is in place

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

To the editor,

Dear citizens of Beaverhead County, I write this to calm some of the fears that are welling up within our community. As the Beaverhead County Coroner, I have come up with a plan in the even that I should become incapacitated and we are not able to secure a mortician during this pandemic situation. I did put in place after Ron’s death, directions for the continued operation of the funeral home in the event of my death. In light of the pandemic, I have provided instruction to my deputy coroner’s to be able to take care of the disposition of your loved ones be it burial or cremation, only in the event that this should become necessary. I am practicing social distancing as well as boosting my immune system, as I work with many elderly people and I do not want to expose them to any type of situation that will cause them harm. As a licensed mortician I am trained to disinfect and keep our community from further spread of disease and contagions that occur after death, so I ask you for your assistance in the social distancing respect of this whole thing. If you have a concern and/or strong preference for either burial or cremation just drop a note in the mail or in my mailbox under the awning. I do believe that if we practice the recommendations of the CDC, if we are feeling ill or have been exposed to someone that is ill, we can mitigate the damages that this illness can cause. Please also understand that we have been advised to have small graveside services at this time. This is very difficult for those that are grieving the loss of a loved one. If you know someone that is suffering a loss keep them in your prayers, as the owner of Brundage Funeral Home I think we all should be doing that a little more anyways, you can also contact them with a card or letter. We will be planning to commemorate their lives when the threat of spreading disease is diminished, I believe that this will lessen the affects and keep the loss of life to a minimum for our elderly and/or those with compromised immunity.

Julie Briggs