New mayor

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

To the editor,

John, Hank, Mary Jo, the 1st Amendment, and other random thoughts. I graduated High School in 1982. At the time, all that I wanted was to get out of this town, and for 37 years I lived elsewhere. When I returned in 2019, it seemed to me that nothing had changed. And it’s good to know that some things always stay the same.

I’m happy and proud that my brother will soon be our mayor. However, last week I made note of his words in the Tribune. He is running unopposed, and he asked why. Representative Democracy requires participation. John is a good man but he is far from perfect. Why is he running unopposed? Why is no one else willing to step forward to do this job? It’s a good question.

It’s a difficult question. It’s the right question to ask. Are we bored or complacent? Do we simply not care? John will be a good mayor, but he will need community support. The mayor simply works on our behalf.

Dillon is a wonderful place. Every Friday night at 5:30 the Trump Train rolls through town. It’s obnoxious, and perhaps childish, but it does no harm. In fact, it’s an exemplary example of 1st Amendment Freedom. I wonder if the people who are most annoyed realize that this is not possible in other places. There are places where free speech is not allowed. I’m proud that after 40 years, Dillon, Montana still allows everyone to speak his/her mind.

John will be our mayor, whether you vote for him or not, because he is running unopposed. And he will serve a community where both Hank and Mary Jo reside. This job will require him to work with both sides. He will serve both, not one or the other, but both! It will not be easy. I’m proud that my brother is willing to step forward, and he has my vote.

Mark McGinley Dillon