New head coach takes the reins of BCHS track and field

J.P. Plutt
Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Fine points

Dillon head coach Jeremy Anderson worked on relay exchanges Friday before the boys and girls headed to the Bitterroot Valley and Corvallis for the first meet of the season. The team has 83 athletes competing on the teams, including senior leaders Daxon Graham and Cole Truman. J.P. Plutt photo

The recent history of Beaverhead County High School track and field has been nothing short of amazing. Even with the COVID eliminated 2020 season in which both the boys and girls were favored to win trophies, the team has brought home six state meet trophies since 2016, including three state Class A championships.

In fact, three of Dillon’s last four state title banners in an incredibly successful two decades of championship excellence, have been raised in honor of the track and field teams. The boys were first at state in 2016 and 2019 (defending champions?), and second in 2017. The girls were third in 2017, first in 2018, and second in 2019.

That success and tradition came forth from nowhere to atop the world on the shoulders of coach Tammi Myers, the longtime head coach of BCHS track and field. Along with COVID and the lost 2020 season, BCHS also lost Myers to retirement.

“Coach Myers has been a blessing to me, having the faith to bring me on staff when she did,” said Jeremy Anderson, the new head coach. “I got to learn from her and I got to see her passion. We’re just carrying on that same tradition we have going here. A lot of that credit has to go to coach Myers and the wonderful program she developed during her tenure here.”

Anderson has been a track and field assistant coach for 21 years, including the last four in Dillon. Not only has he been influenced by Myers, but by the legendary Whitefish coach Derek Schulz, a National High School Coaches Association “Coach of the Year” in 2017 after leading his teams through the years to 8 Class A state titles. Anderson competed for Schulz as a student at Whitefish.

With the year lost to COVID, Anderson inherits a program that essentially has two freshmen classes, and a young team to boot though 83 of the school’s just over 300 students are out for the team.

“I think track and field success is about having a passion for the sport,” said Anderson. “I couldn’t be happier with the coaches we have and the passion they come to every practice with.”

In the early going of this season, Anderson has his staff approaching the athletes with a simplified approach to teach the basics to a crew of athletes that has overwhelmingly not participated in high school level track.

Anderson’s plan is to stress the fundamentals of the sport in the early season and slow things down to avoid injuries.

As the pace has been tempered, the athletes have had a full course of Anderson’s longterm plan for success – MAY MATTERS.

“Our goals and our objectives that we set as a team and individually, those important times are in May and not in March,” explained the coach of the postseason. “We’ve taken the slow route in geting where we want to get, because we realize the importance of keeping our longterm goals in perspective.”

Dillon opened the season Saturday at a 15-team meet at Corvallis. The girls were first and the boys fourth in the team standings. Thursday they will compete in a big meet at Hamilton.

Blue Devil Inviational at Corvallis Girls’ team scores – Dillon 103, Corvallis 97, Seeley-Swan 77, Hamilton 70.5, Stevensville 51 Frenchtown 45, Anaconda 26, Butte Central Catholic 22, Clark Fork(Alberton/Superior) 12, Victor 8, Polson 8, Arlee 4.5, Valley Christian 1, St Regis 1.

100 Meters – 1 Cora Pesanti, Anaconda, 13.34.

200 Meters – 1. Rileigh McGree, BC, 27.55.

400 Meters – 1. Sariah Maughan, Seeley-Swan, 1:01.93.

800 Meters – 1. Sariah Maughan, Seeley-Swan, 2:28.52.

1600 Meters – 1. Brynnli Poulsen, Hamilton, 5:37.00. 4. Hailey Powell, Dillon, 5:49.35.

3200 Meters – 1. Katie Gleason, Corvallis, 12:39.58. 2. Mikelle Mosher, Dillon, 13:39.96.

100m Hurdles – 1. Rileigh McGree, BC, 16.50. 2. Sydney Petersen, Dillon, 17.20. 3. Ainsley Shipman, Dillon, 17.66.

300m Hurdles – 1. Lauryn Petersen, Dillon, 52.05. 2. Quincee Anderson, Dillon, 54.62. 4. Bri Williams, Dillon, 57.11.

4x100 Relay – 1. Dillon (Lauryn Petersen, Ainsley Shipman, Jordyn Walker, Zoey Morast), 53.19. 5. Dillon II (Quincee Anderson, Sydney Petersen, Hailey Powell, Ariel Thomas), 56.47.

4x400 Relay – 1. Seeley-Swan (Sariah Maughan, Klaire Kovatch, Hannah Ayers, Emily Maughan) 4:17.23. 3. Dillon (Lauryn Petersen, Jordyn Walker, Ainsley Shipman, Natalie Bush), 4:25.59. 6. Dillon II (McKenzie Doffinger, Abbie Lemelin, Mikelle Mosher, Hailey Powell), 4:45.94.

Shot Put – 1. Katelyn Dickemore, Ham ilton, 38-06.00. 6. Kathryn Rondeau, Dillon, 30-00.00.

Discus – 1. Klaire Kovatch, Seeley-Swan, 149-05.

Javelin – 1. Sorren Reese, Clark Fork, 120-11. 5. Kathryn Rondeau, Dillon, 94-06.

High Jump - 1 Camas Crattey, Hamilton, 4-10.00. 2. Natalie Bush, Dillon, 4-08.00.

Pole Vault – 1. Kailen Herbstritt, Corvallis, 10-00.00.

Long Jump – 1. Ashton Lewis, Stevensville, 16-06.50. 4. Sydney Petersen, Dillon, 14-11.00.

Triple Jump – 1. Ainsley Shipman, Dillon, 34-07.00. 2. Zoey Morast, Dillon, 31-08.00. 4. Lauryn Petersen, Dillon, 30-02.00.

Blue Devil Inviational at Corvallis Boys’ team scores – Hamilton 111, Frenchtown 110, Polson 59, Dillon 57, Corvallis 56, Seeley-Swan 50, Loyola-Sacred Heart 28, St Regis 16, Arlee 13, Stevensville 11, Anaconda 8, Butte Central Catholic 8.

Event champions and Dillon place winners:

100 Meters – 1 Ridger Palma, Loyola-Sacred Heart, 11.69. 5. Eli Nourse, Dillon, 12.11.

200 Meters - 1. Jarrett Wilson, Polson, 24.65.

400 Meters - 1 Ridger Palma, Loyola-Sacred Heart, 51.25.

800 Meters – 1. Lane Cole, Hamilton, 2:01.95.

1600 Meters – 1 Colter Purcell, Hamilton, 4:45.78. 5. Ben Steadman, Dillon, 5:12.16.

3200 Meters – 1. Brinson Wyche, Corvallis, 10:25.61.

110m Hurdles – 1. Chase Tucker, Corvallis, 18.79.

300m Hurdles – 1. Daxon Graham, Dillon, 42.68.

4x100 Relay – 1. Frenchtown (Garrett Schmill, Jeffrey Jacobs, Evan Ellington, Carter White), 44.95. 2. Dillon II (Eli Nourse, Caden Hansen, Treyton Anderson, Daxon Graham), 46.60. 4.Dillon III (David Schmidlin, Cooper Anderson, Kee Christinansen, Landon Deboer), 46.85.

4x400 Relay – 1. Hamilton (Lane Cole, Colter Purcell, Colter Kirkland, Aostin Meis), 3:42.18.

2 Dillon (Daxon Graham, Caden Hansen, Eli Nourse, Treyton Anderson), 3:43.23.

Shot Put – 1. Walker McDonald, Seeley-Swan, 45-11.00.

Discus – 1. Walker McDonald, Seeley-Swan, 140-06.

Javelin – 1. Cole Truman, Dillon, 165- 02. 5. Kee Christinansen, Dillon, 135- 06.

High Jump – 1. Andrew Sanford, St. Regis, 6-02.00. 4. Calahan Hoffman, Dillon, 5-08.00.

Pole Vault – 1. Jack Ellis, Hamilton, 10-00.00. 4. Gunner Wright, Dillon, 9-06.00. 6. Malcolm Peterson, Dillon, 9-00.00.

Long Jump – 1. Carter White, Frenchtown, 19-07.50.

Triple Jump – 1. Carter White, Frenchtown, 41-07.50. 5. Holter Santos, Dillon, 38-04.00.