Museum board outlines upcoming exhibits

Casey S. Elliott
Wednesday, November 16, 2022

It’s full steam ahead updating and expanding the railroad exhibit at the Beaverhead County Museum, museum board officials say.

The board met Oct. 19 to discuss exhibit updates, building improvements and the budget.

The existing railroad exhibit will be expanded with an updated miniature display and additional displays reflecting the railroad’s importance to Beaverhead County and the city of Dillon. The existing exhibit will be moved around in the Depot to occupy more space and serve as a permanent exhibit alongside the Indigenous Peoples of Southwest Montana and the Audubon bird exhibit, trustee Donna Jones said.

The trustees and community members working on the train exhibit visited the Livingston museum and came back with a number of ideas they could incorporate into Beaverhead’s new display. Parts of the new railroad exhibit are expected to debut this spring, though the entire revamp will likely take a couple of years, she said. Museum Executive Director Candi Whitworth asked board members to get estimates for any expenses so she could seek grants to help support their work.

Board Treasurer Neal Straus said the upgrades to the Depot Theatre are close to completion, and trustee Lee Graves is working on preparing short informational videos to watch in the theater.

Friends of the museum member Lynn Giles told the board she is working with its exhibit committee to rotate other exhibits in the museum around for next year.

Board Chairman John Breen told the board that additional security features are being installed both inside and outside the museum and around the grounds. The improvements will allow video monitoring of the entire campus and ensure safety and security of the artifacts. The new system will also have alarms for flooding, motion, carbon monoxide and smoke.

The next board meeting is set for Nov. 16.