Moore takes library’s Peeps contest

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Star bright

Revington Moore, 5, hangs out at the Dillon Public Library with his award-winning Peeps diorama. M.P. Regan photo

A young Renaissance man equally adept with a paintbrush or a lasso, Revington Moore earned top honors last week at the Dillon Public Library’s 2021 Peeps Diorama Contest.

The five-year-old took the coveted Peeples Choice Award announced last week, gaining the most votes by taking his effort in the popular annual Peeps competition to the next level, literally and emphatically.

“I always liked outer space,” said Moore, of the inspiration behind his “Out of This Peeping World” diorama, in which a Peeps astronaut zooms about in a cardboard rocket ship.

A Star Wars and Space Jam fan, Moore presents a unique, beautiful vision of the solar system, including a moon made from series of small stickers, lots of pointy stars and his favorite planet rendered from a series of cut-up pieces of one of his favorite sweet treats.

“That’s the earth,” explained the young man known as “Rev,” pointing to a circular shape consisting of cut-up marshmallow pieces, with a heart placed over the spot on the planet where he lives.

The diorama also showcases Rev’s skills in a particular artistic medium that he works in regularly.

“Me and mom paint,” exclaimed Rev of an activity that his mother, Shanna Moore, says the two have engaged in pretty much every day since Rev was three years old, along with other arts and crafts work.

Knowing of Rev’s artistic abilities, Library Director Lori Roberts urged the soon-to-be kindergartener to craft an entry for this year’s Peeps contest one day after encountering him and his mom at the Dollar Store, where 90 percent of the elements in the diorama came from, according to his mom.

“It took three days,” said Rev of the time he needed to create the award-winning diorama.

Besides doing art, Rev likes to regularly ride his horse, Duke, practicing his favorite rodeo activities, which include roping and barrels.

Moore gained a basket of prizes and a plaque with a Peep on it for his efforts in the 2021 Peeps Diorama Contest, and a year to reign as the Peeples Choice victor.