Montana Youth Challenge Academy to suspend operations

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

The Directory of the Youth Challenge Academy with input from the University of Montana Western and Beaverhead County. public health officials, has confirmed that they will suspend operations of the Montana Youth Challenge Academy (MYCA). The organizations have been working cooperatively to ensure the safety and security of the MYCA cadets and staff, UMW campus community and the community of Dillon.

In a letter to the parents of Class 42, MYCA Director Trent Gibson said, “Today, we have received an official recommendation to suspend operations at MYCA from Beaverhead County Health Department. Given the current circumstances and the ever-changing situational environment, we feel we must comply with this recommendation, and we intend to do so. Therefore, the suspension of MYCA operations will begin Sunday, March 29, 2020 and will continue until Friday, April 17, 2020.”

According to Gibson, MYCA staff contacted Cadet parents and caregivers and made arrangements for their pickup starting this past Saturday.

“It is devastating to both staff and I,” said Gibson. “However, we are in dynamic times. The care, welfare, safety and security of Cadets, staff, families, and community remain our top priorities, and therefore, we have decided to suspend operations.”

Operations will be suspended until such time as state and local health officials deem it appropriate to begin operations. The program has conducted 40 classes & graduated over 3,000 cadets since its inception in 1999.

MYCA press release.