Mankind at risk

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

To the editor,

Why we must support a progressive agenda to save the world from an eminent economic and moral collapse.

If we were allowing the unregulated market mechanism to be the sole director of the fate of human beings and their natural environment would result in the annihilation of society and the devastation of Earth. The idea of a self-adjustingmarket that is based upon profit and self-interest is a stark utopia that has never really worked. Thus, from the very beginning there was a counter movement based upon humanist ethics. A free market is an institution that could not exist for any length of time without annihilating the human and natural substance of society; it would have physically destroyed humankind and transformed the global surroundings into a wilderness.

An ethical economy is embedded on social responsibility. An economy unobstructed greed. The supporters of a social economy of individual self-interest supports a criminal oligarchy at best or economic collapse at worst. Democracy is founded upon freedom created on empathy, societal concern, and solidarity. Not a legalized version of organized crime.

But the meaning of life is in living life in spite of the consequences. Humanism is a way of life and philosophy of seeing the world and political action rooted in balanced historical, and scientific analysis with an interpretation of the ethical concerns found in the works of those who live according to struggle for equality, equity, and social justice. It is an empathetic investigation into what is human nature and that is molded by the society we are born into, the possible options we can choose objectively. What we can do to work towards a society which would be most encouraging to humans, individually and collectively thriving from a critical, scientific, and compassionate worldview grounded in humanist philosophy.

Existential angst is a feeling of dread or anxiety related to the belief that life has no meaning other than what people choose. The anxiety develops the instant that an individual questions if their life has significance, principles, or value. But we are fully human only in a community. We must choose to side with the oppressed or the oppressors. From this we join into a deeper meaning of life.

Michael Joseph Francisconi