Make it count

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

To the editor,

This spring, Make It Count! It is a time for regeneration and growth. The buds are already on the trees. If you haven’t made any plans for the year, maybe it’s time? Or perhaps you want to re-examine and reboot plans you made over the holidays?

Are there some things you need to change? Things you can do better?

Do you need to focus on some healthier ways of being that will help with stress or motivation? It is so important after the winter to size things up and make a positive plan for yourself. Waiting and hoping for the best never works. Take action!

If you’re having trouble with your mood or day-to-day living, it can really help to talk with someone who is not directly involved in your life. A conversation with someone who is dispassionate and objective, who will listen without judging, could provide insights that will help you bring more joy to your life.

Do you have some health issues that are not going away? Do you need some help to start making healthy changes in your life? Eating healthy is a great way to start. Think about the benefits of regular physical exercise for your health. Exercise isn’t only beneficial for your body but also your mind and creativity! But don’t think about exercise for too long – go do it!

There are ways to pair behaviors together to help motivate and invigorate you. Take a walk in the evening or work on a hobby rather than watching another TV show! Try to create some accountability for sustaining positive activities.

If you think you’re drinking too much, you probably are. This is a perfect time to embrace sobriety! If you need additional support, there are medications to help you stop drinking or at least mitigate the anxiety and craving.

You don’t have to do it alone or tough it out. Everyone needs help sometimes. The key to success is having a plan!

Don’t let this spring be like the last one, or two, or ten. Change can happen and it can be good.

You can do it. People change all the time. They quit smoking, quit drinking, and get out of bad relationships. They start exercising and feeling better! These changes happen as part of a plan. It is also a great time to find some new activities that you enjoy.

You can do it big or do it small. Make it count. Life is short.

Happy Spring!

Judy Weitzel