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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The views of our readers

Isolationism To the editor,

Will the U.S. military ever stay home and quit trying to police the world? No! The war hawks always want war with someone. Just why are we in the Middle East? Some say to protect our interests, which usually means oil and money. America has a long history and a number of conflicts with Iran. 1. In 1980 the Iran Hostage Crisis. 2. 1986 the Iran Contra affair, which a number of President Reagan officials were found guilty of felonies. 3. In 1988 a U.S. warship sank an Iranian frigate and shelled two Persian Gulf oil platforms. 4. 1988, the U.S. Navy accidentally shot down an Iranian commercial jet. 290 passengers and crew lost their lives. The U.S. never apologized. Now the Iranians have shot down a U.S. drone. Now the U.S. has put millions of lives in jeopardy. The U.S. is spending millions of dollars in the Persian Gulf. The ships that were attacked in the Gulf did not belong to the United States and the countries that owned the ships have not come to defend themselves. So why is the United States the police of the world? The U.S. has many problems at home. We need to fix America for America. Lets hope the draft dodger with bone spurs keeps the United States out of war.

LaVon D. Brillhart Apalled Dillon To the editor,

We are appalled and disgusted beyond belief. “Send her back, send her back” at the Trump rally last night screams of Hitlerism creating enemies of the Jews. One reporter called it “hate soaked”. This is more than frightening, and calls for dedicated action to stem and do so now. What was the line about evil triumphing because good men did nothing. We are human beings all made in the same image; the same kind of blood flows through all of us. If we don’t wake up and declare ENOUGH! we will get what we deserve.

Harry and Val Neeley Dillon