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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

More fake news

To the editor,

I enjoyed the three fake news, anti-Trump articles in your paper of a few weeks ago. The main article said that Mr. Mueller had stated in his parting remarks that “he hadn’t found anything that Pres. Trump could be charged for, but that he hadn’t found anything to exonerate him for either”. But, excuse me for staying awake and thinking for myself, if there wasn’t anything that Pres. Trump could be charged for, why would he need to be exonerated?

Of course somebody would say the Pres. Trump has shown that he is not an honorable man because he had illicit sex with Stormy Daniels. While one could questions his choice of partner, how many of us haven’t done the same thing or something similar? Aren’t we all sinners?

Johannes Soyland Dillon Tribune


To the editor,

Mr. Thompson and Mr. McKnight, I am sorry that I upset you last week with the fact that I do not like wars or do not want wars.

Do you know how many wars that the United States has participated in just since the end of World War Two? Here are some facts and not from a cereal box: The Korean War, Vietnam War, Bay of Pigs, Grenada, Panama, Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Iraq, plus some others where troops were sent in with NATO.

You do know how many lives were lost in Korea and Vietnam since you are both veterans. You do know how many injuries and wounded in all these wars!

If you look at the history of this country since 1776 and look at the days and years this country has not been at war or conflicts with someone else it is alarming.

I did find it very offensive that you tell me to thank a military veteran and thank them for defending his rights so I could make a fool of myself. Nowhere in my writing did I say anything disrespectful about those that served or have served in the military.

I know, have many friends who have served in the military. I would like you to know my father was in World War Two. He was in the Battle of the Bulge.

Mr. Thompson, Mr. McKnight you say just because I don’t like or want war I should leave this country. You do know, “Peace is Patriotic”!

LaVon D.Brillhart Dillon

Three Cheers

To the editor,

Two Cheers!! for UMW tenured professor Mike Francisconi!

Mike deserves the first cheer because apparently he has abandoned his promotion of hatred toward Conservatives, labeling Conservatives as Fascists multiple times in the Tribune during the past 18 months.

Mike deserves the second cheer because apparently he is moving from mere words to actual deeds to help the migrating poor. But in proclaiming his possible deeds, he informs the world publicly that he would like to become a suffering martyr by sacrificing his body/life (or what social psychologists would call a Christ Complex).

Mike, perhaps you ought to eat a big slice of humble pie with your morning coffee given your Christ Complex.

But where is the third cheer for Mike?

From his privileged position of power as a tenured professor and self-described socialist, Mike has promoted the alleged benefits (with zero costs) of socialism.

Mike, do you not realize that most of the root causes of the poor migrating are your policies of socialism-statism?

Mike, if you genuinely want to help the migrating poor beyond mere words, here are the actual deeds you should take.

First, become a small-business capitalist. Raise your financial capital by selling your house and combining it with your retirement.

Second, move to socialist Venezuela, once the wealthiest South American country where the Chavez-Maduro socialist policies have created hundreds of thousands of poverty-stricken migrants. (Yes, mothers must sell their breast milk for food and families must eat their dogs to survive as reported recently by the New York Times.)

Third, take your financial capital and risk it to invest in physical capital (buildings, equipment, inventory) and human capital (training-hiring Venezuelan socialist refugees).

Mike, perform these capitalist deeds and create jobs for the migrating poor that you claim to care so much about. Then and only then would you have a bit of credibility about actually helping poor migrants.

The Bottom Line: Mike, becoming a small-business capitalist who creates jobs for the migrating poor would move you beyond your empty rhetoric of martyrdom and earn you possibly a third cheer. Randy Piper Dillon