In the mail

Wednesday, July 10, 2019


To the editor,

Dear Mayor, City Council, and County Commissioners,

Kaboom! Please consider crafting Dillon’s New Social Norm (NSN) for July 4th. This letter sketches the NSN and requests additional input from Tribune readers in the coming weeks.

Your leadership-partnership will not be popular among the Pro-Fireworks Lobby (PFL). The PFL fails to acknowledge these real costs of setting off fireworks within the city limits: (1) lost work productivity on July 5th and 6th, (2) increased police monitoring, (3) increased fire monitoring, (4) forgone opportunities to purchase other consumer goods spent on fireworks, (5) increased stress on pets from severe shaking to urinating on themselves, and (6) increased friction among city residents.

These six cost categories are real! A 30-year old threatened to kick my ass because I asked him to move off the public street his Big Bang Fireworks he had placed within 10 feet of a 70-year old’s home (whose dog inside was urinating on himself).

Here are the steps to begin framing a New Social Norm. (1) ASAP, the Mayor, City Council, and County Commissioners should form a formal City-County Partnership (CCP).

(2) During the next few weeks, I request Dillonites to submit ideas via the Tribune opinion pages for crafting this NSN.

(3) If CCP decides to move all fireworks outside the city limits, then consider venues such as the City Dump or the Trails along the M Mountain. If CCP decides to permit fireworks within the city limits, then consider Exclusive Zones such as the Fair Grounds, City Parks, and Baseball Fields.

(4) For the Exclusive Zones option, CCP should consider four hours maximum: 8 p.m. to Midnight.

(5) If/when you do pass new fireworks ordinances for the Exclusive Zones, then you need to educate the public months in advance of these new ordinances.

(6) The new ordinances are simply “paper tigers” if you do not enforce them and penalize people for violating the new fireworks ordinances.

(7) CCP and other local, voluntary organizations should consider promoting the Authentic Patriotic Noise (APN) of the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Raise your hand if you have ever read the DOI to your children or grandchildren?

As a substitute for fireworks noise, the July 4 Authentic Patriotic Noise (APN) would include dramatic readings of the DOI block-by-block across Dillon.

Don’t Delay! Let’s begin framing Dillon’s New Social Norm for July 4, 2020 now.

Randy Piper

Proud Vet Dillon

To the editor,

These thoughts are strictly my own, and not a reflection of the editorial staff.

I often wonder what cereal box Mr. Brillhart needs to get his information from, as usual he only has 10 percent of fact, totally ignoring the other 90 percent as being totally irrelevant. Since I have thought it through, I do believe he has to be an undocumented alien from the planet Exxon. Nowhere does he mention if the months of indignities we put up with (sometimes years) before we put our foot down saying “enough of this.” He also seems oblivious to the fact that were 2,977 fatalities of the terrorist attacks.

Since you don’t like the way we try to protect our people, you should think of moving to Europe, or better yet beam back to your planet Exxon.

As a veteran of the USAF, I was proud to have the privilege and honor to have served. Remember dictators always claim to have the right to govern, real Americans know in their hearts it is a privilege to serve honorably.

Charles R. Thompson Sr.


Civics lesson

To the editor,

Based on the learned Mr. Brillhart’s latest letter, I would suggest that he take a quick refresher course in civics and the way this country actually works. Contrary to his contention, the U.S. military does not go charging off on its own to “police the world.” The U. S. military operates under the direction of the civilian government, which includes the President, who is the Commander in Chief, and the Senate and House of Representatives.

Why is the military in the Middle East? I submit that it is not because some General or Admiral decided, on their own, to take an aircraft carrier task force and go sailing off for a few month excursion. They are there because a group of elected officials sent them there. If you have a problem with the military being somewhere you do not think they should be, talk to your elected representatives. They are the ones who sent them there in the first place. I would be willing to bet that every member of the military who is presently deployed to anywhere other than their home base in the United States would much rather be home than where they currently are.

I would also suggest that Mr. Brillhart take the time over this Independence Day holiday to find a member of the military or a veteran and thank them for defending his rights to continually make a fool of himself. Even though people in the military have taken an oath to go where they are ordered, those people are never looking or wanting to go to war with anyone. Only someone who has never been in a combat situation would ever suggest such a thing.

Dale J. McKnight


Act now

To the editor,

What is to be done?

As I approach the end my life, what to do if and when I ever choose to retire?

Put my body on the line to fight for and defend the right of the refugee nation to move freely from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world?

To witness the crimes against indigenous peoples in Israel (Palestine), the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Western New Guinea and etc.?

But, we need to do something.

Michael Joseph Francisconi