Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The views of our readers

Be aware

To the editor,

I had vertigo for six weeks recently. It is nasty stuff and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Initially I was housebound but after a few days I was able to venture outside using a cane to help me keep my balance. I learned it was very difficult to keep my balance if I had to duck to avoid overhanging bushes or step off the sidewalk if the sidewalk was blocked.

I would like to ask everyone to be aware of the sidewalks at their homes. If a car blocks the sidewalk someone must exit the sidewalk to continue their walk. If branches hang over the sidewalk someone may have to duck to continue their walk. The same will apply when snow arrives. Please do your best to keep your sidewalks shoveled. There are many people that try to walk on a daily basis. Whether they are elderly, or have a medical condition that affects their balance it’s important we all look at our surroundings and do our best to help others. Thank you for your consideration.

Diane Armstrong


Funny money

To the editor,

It must be a very lonely life for Republicans in Washington since Mr. Biden became president. The Republicans now have a limited vocabulary. NO! Cost too much! We are conservatives. No. No. No. Why don’t the Republicans want to help America? Lets look back when Trump was president.

Where were the Republicans when President Trump added $7.8 trillion to the deficit? Nothing to show for this. Oh sorry. The rich got richer while America fell apart.

Republicans, where were you when Mr. Trump shut down the government twice. Cost millions out of work. Cost millions to restart the government. Conservatives?

Republicans, where were you when Mr. Trump charged the taxpayers $140 million to play golf? Conservatives?

The list is very long with the Republicans spending money on the rich and turning their back on the middle class and the working poor.

What has happened to the Republican party? President Biden wants to help America. Mr. Biden wants to help the American people and the Republicans just say NO. Why don’t the Republicans want to work for America? Why do the Republicans just say no but don’t have any ideas about what they want?

It must be a lonely life for Republicans. All they do is complain but don’t know what they complain about. We the taxpayers pay them a lot of money not to support America.

We need a better America! We need everyone in Washington to work for America. If you don’t want to help America get out of Washington!

LaVon D. Brillhart