Wednesday, September 16, 2020


Vote for me

To the editor,

Four years ago I ran for Dillon mayor. But you didn’t vote for me. Instead you voted for Mayor Klakken who has been honest and has run the town in a business-like way, which is why we must throw him out, and probably arrest him too. And Dillon still isn’t great like I would have made it. So I call upon you to “Release the Klakken,” and vote for me, Mark Lesniowski for mayor of Dillon. I will make Dillon great because somewhere in this town I will find a swamp and drain it.

I have great plans for this town. However, I cannot tell you these incredible plans because then our great northern enemy Canada would know the plan too and defend itself against the actions I plan to take to build a wall on Interstate 15 and stop their invasion of our country. Don’t worry taxpayers, I’ll make them pay for it. Also the Mexicans in town would read my plans and then probably not finish roofing all our homes. But let me at least tell you one of my platform planks. I promise to rename all our parks. By executive order I will change disgusting, low-energy “Cornell Park” to “Funky Cornell Park.” I will hold off on renaming the other parks, although I think at least one of them will end up named “Eat a Lot of Meat” Park in honor of our ranchers who have sacrificed so much for the president’s Trade War with China by allowing the president to throw money at them, which turned them all into socialists. I also plan to install a much needed prophylactic dispenser and a doggie bag dispenser at this newly-named Funky Cornell Park. A lot of people tell me they want this. Since I’m a saavy business guy I may combine both in one dispenser, although that may lead to some mixups, (which could be either comic or tragic). This is just one of the brilliant ideas I have in my brilliant head.

My words are limited. So let me simply exhort you to forget everything you’ve ever known or held dear, forget any rules of logic and throw out all common sense. If you do all these things, then you’ll feel a sugery high as if you ate 20 twinkies on an empty stomach. And then when I say, “What have you got to lose,” you won’t look around you, and realize what a stupid statement that is. Vote for me Mark Lesniowski for mayor of Dillon!!! What have you got to lose?

Mark Lesniowski Dillon

Favors CSKT

To the editor,

The U.S. Senate’s Indian Affairs Committee has recently addressed a bill to implement the CSKT water compact. Sen. Daines introduced the legislation and Sen. Tester has co-sponsored it. Bipartisan support for the compact isn’t unusual, however, as this compact has strong bipartisan support from the Montana legislature, as well as from groups as disparate as the Montana Farm Bureau and Trout Unlimited.

The CSKT water compact represents a fair, publicly-negotiated settlement of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe’s Indian-reserved water rights. While the underlying treaty with each tribe is different, every federally-recognized Montana tribe has these rights, and our state has already successfully implemented six Indianreserved water rights settlements. The CSKT water compact is not special, it is simply the last compact to be addressed.

The only alternative to this negotiated settlement is litigation. Rational individuals understand that there are no winners in either Montana’s water court or in Federal court. Litigation wastes time, consumes enormous financial resources, and leaves all parties less than whole. Further, one of the hardest parts of any settlement is finding enough water to fully satisfy all of the existing claims.Compacts solve the problem of over appropriation by allocating water from previously unavailable sources -- litigation does not allow for this option.

Settlement of the CSKT’s claims will also bring much-needed funding for the refurbishment of the Flathead Irrigation Project.This project, which delivers water to the compact stakeholders, is in dire need of maintenance, repair, and replacement. The settlement legislation sets aside funds for this work. In stark contrast, litigation cannot appropriate funds for this effort.

The CSKT water compact settles all claims on the Flathead Indian Reservation, it settles off reservation claims on the west side of the Continental Divide, and it dismisses, with prejudice, any CSKT claims to water on the east side of the divide. The compact brings necessary funds for the refurbishment of the Flathead Irrigation Project and it avoids decades of wasteful court battles. I commend Sens. Daines and Tester for their support of this settlement and I ask that you contact their offices to let them know that you back their efforts.

Rep. Ray Shaw (HD-71) Sheridan

Supports Bullock

To the editor,

Sometimes what is dull to people is one of the most critical aspects of their lives. I’m talking about infrastructure -- things like our roads, bridges, freshwater and wastewater systems, public buildings, airports, and ports of entry.

American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States a D rating for its infrastructure quality. That’s a shame! The United States is the wealthiest nation in history, but our infrastructure is in poor condition. Why should we care? Good quality roads allow everybody to safely and efficiently move their goods to markets. They allow us to go on family vacations and send our kids to school. Freshwater and wastewater systems enable us to have healthy populations. We don’t want the cholera epidemics of the 1800s to return, nor do we want lead poisoning in our communities. We need clean water to drink, and safe water supplies.

Gov. Bullock worked with Democrats and Republicans to secure nearly $400 million in infrastructure investments for Montana communities -- the largest infrastructure investment to date. With our country in need of a massive infrastructure overhaul, we need someone in Washington D.C. who can get it done, not merely talk about it. We need investment in our nation and our communities, an investment in our future. I know that Gov. Bullock is the person for the job.

Join me in voting for Bullock for the U.S. Senate.

Cliff Stout Dillon