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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

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Kudos LDS

To the editor,

Wednesday’s notice that The Church of Latter Day Saints is donating 120,000 pounds of food to the Storehouse Initiative at Butte Rescue Mission and Area Food Pantries has touched us very deeply. This outreach, ignoring any barriers, makes kin of all and responds to ongoing human need. We are humbled in the face of this generosity.

Another note of appreciation: as I walk the Park weekly, and sidewalks in my neightborhood almost daily, it is totally gratifying to see how Dillon’s dog owners have risen to the challenge of honoring and respecting public property. My scooper mainly picks up small pieces of debris and rarely has to clean a dog leaving. Our community is special in so many ways, and this thoughtfulness calls for recognition-consider it here offered.

Val Neeley

Dillon Dogs matter

Dogs matter

To the editor,

Dear Mayor, City Council, County Commissioners, and Beaverhead Community,

Kaboom! Last week the Tribune’s front-page failed to mention the ethical-moral Stress-on-Pets topic.

Let us discover the Better Angels among us and look beyond our narrow human-gratification interests!

Please consider crafting Dillon’s New Social Norm (NSN) for July 4. This letter sketches the NSN and requests additional input from Tribune readers in the coming weeks.

Your leadership-partnership will not be popular among the Pro-Fireworks Lobby (PFL). The PFL fails to acknowledge these real costs of setting off fireworks within the city limits: (1) lost work productivity on July 5 and 6, (2) increased police monitoring, (3) increased fire monitoring, (4) forgone opportunities to purchase other consumer goods spent on fireworks, (5) increased stress on pets from severe shaking to urinating on themselves, and (6) increased friction among city residents.

These six cost categories are real!

Here are the steps to begin framing a New Social Norm.

(1) ASAP, the Mayor, City Council, and County Commissioners should form a formal City-County Partnership (CCP).

(2) During the next few weeks, I request Dillonites to submit ideas via the Tribune opinion pages for crafting this NSN.

(3) If CCP decides to move all fireworks outside the city limits, then consider venues such as the City Dump or the Trails along the M Mountain. If CCP decides to permit fireworks within the city limits, then consider Exclusive Zones such as the Fair Grounds, City Parks, and Baseball Fields.

(4) For the Exclusive Zones option, CCP should consider 4 hours maximum: 8 p.m. to midnight.

(5) If/when you do pass new fireworks ordinances for the Exclusive Zones, then you need to educate the public months in advance of these new ordinances.

(6) The new ordinances are simply “paper tigers” if you do not enforce them and penalize people for violating the new fireworks ordinances.

(7) CCP and other local, voluntary organizations should consider promoting the Authentic Patriotic Noise (APN) of the Declaration of Independence (DOI). Raise your hand if you have ever read the DOI to your children or grandchildren?

As a substitute for fireworks noise, the July 4th Authentic Patriotic Noise (APN) would include dramatic readings of the DOI block-by-block across Dillon.

Don’t Delay! Let’s begin framing Dillon’s New Social Norm for July 4, 2021 now.

Again, let us discover the Better Angels among us and look beyond our narrow humangratification interests!

Randy Piper

Dillon Latest news

Latest news

To the editor,

The latest news that Donald Trump allegedly ignored intelligence that Russia paid Taliban fighters to kill our military soldiers must finally call his Republican supporters to answer for their sycophancy to an unhinged and dangerous leader. Or, if he was not briefed to the intelligence, the GOP has to admit we do not have a functioning government. Is there no shame in the Republican ranks over the countless assaults on Constitutional law, his thousands of lies, and the betrayal of GOP principles that Trump has blatantly shown with his incoherent and narcissistic presidency? The party has ignored every outrage that Trump has committed. Will they also ignore this near treason to our own military?

Fortunately, “The Lincoln Project,” a group of Republicans who are dedicated Americans who put country before party are speaking out. Their mission is to defeat Donald Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box. Also, in a recent editorial, Claudine Schneider, founding member of “Republicans for Integrity” stated bluntly: “today almost every Republican in the U.S. Senate has lost his or her integrity and have, in effect, lost their souls.” Sen. Steve Daines is a poster child of this fealty to Trump. Rep. Greg Gianforte follows lock-step with Trump’s harmful policies and then wants to bring them to Montana as Governor. The “Republican .38 Special” gang of 38 legislators, who wear bullet pins to show their loyalty to the party platform which in many ways goes against health care, public lands and Constitutional rights, boldly flaunt their extremism. Fortunately again, in Montana, and like The Lincoln Project, we have reputable Republicans, in “The Solution Caucus,” who work in a bipartisan way to benefit us, and have rejected radical purposes of the .38 specials. Most famously, the current all-Republican Public Service Commission is an embarrassment, fighting each other for their own corporate ideas, but moreover, given to extreme decisions and corporate politics, not their sworn oath to administer best interests of energy policies for Montana citizens.

Republican candidates for government posts this year have aligned themselves with Trump’s irrational dogma. It is alarming to even think of bringing their dysfunction to our state govern ment. Voters must examine every candidate and vote for our best interests.

Pat Bradley

Twin Bridges Confusing chaos

Confusing chaos

To the editor,

The United States has never gone through so much confusion and chaos as in the past three and a half years with Donald Trump in charge. Mr. Trump has proven time after time he is not a leader but a manipulator. He cannot work with others and others cannot work with him. As of May 25, 2020 there have been 415 people in the Trump Administration that have been dismissed or resigned.

Now with the coronavirus pandemic Mr. Trump has botched plans and procedures since day one. He claimed, it was a hoax, it will go away, it is just like the flu, it was the fault of China and scientists don’t know the answers. But Mr. Trump has insisted the county must get back to work to save the economy.

Now Mr. Trump has shown the American citizens there is no justice in America by pardoning Roger Stone. On Feb. 20, 2020, Mr. Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison. His crimes were lying to Congress, witness tampering, lying to investigators and obstruction of justice. Where are the Republicans in Congress? Most just look the other way and don’t seem to care about justice or democracy. Senator Mitt Romney has come out and accused Mr. Trump of unprecedented corruption!

Will we ever get back to justice for all and not just for the rich and powerful?

LaVon D. Brillhart