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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Randy nailed it

To the editor,

We should all give thanks to Randy Piper for his splendid response to UM Western Professor Francisconi’s article -- trying to help him see quite realistically his distorted view of Marxist communism. Knowing the true facts of the past and present are valid tools for good comprehension, and Piper gave some very valid information.

Deceit runs deep in Marxism’s creeping tentacles. On occasion, for the gullible, tidbits are tossed to those who want to honor God, but sooner or later the hammer and cycle strike.

May we all encourage the professor to think again about what he is promoting in this paper and to the scores of his students. If the shoe were on the other foot, what would it be like if he would go and live under communism and follow his current type of attitude and practices? In no way could he draw a nice salary with other benefits while publicly in print opposing his government --and -- sitting comfortably in the classroom teaching his students that Marxism policies are bad, bad, bad. It is questionable that he would ever make it home to supper!

Again thanks, Mr. Piper, we really want the professor to see Reality. With our nation’s wondrous liberties, he will never be identified with “100 Million Murdered Souls!”

H. Eugene Eslinger

Randy missed it

To the editor,

A Poem for Randy Piper, responder last week to Mr Francisconi and author of letter MURDEROUS MARXIST THEORY NOT RIGHT.

On defense ‘ad hominem’ you plaintively cry,

Yet on offence the meaning of the term you deny.

You paraphrase THE WHO with generous content license,

Kind of like eating muskrats, and calling them bisons.

You are beating all the conservative drums with unfettered glee.

Twanging the old Republican saws ‘cuz you really, really want it to be.

But paraphrasing the Who to put a dent in bad old Marxism,

Is like giving someone from the Flying Spaghetti Monster Church a full monty exorcism.

Indeed invoking Marxism nowadays in Montana,

Is akin to quoting the ‘lyrics’ of an instrumental by Santana.

For god’s sake release yourself from your straitjacket of an ideology.

It just doesn’t make any sense – of course I’m speaking epistemologically.

In summary spending five hundred words on Marxism seems a little dense.

Maybe you should have quoted The Talking Heads, STOP MAKING SENSE.

Mark Lesniowski


Editors note: We allow one poem in our “Letters” section every five years.

A bright future

To the editor,

On the way to our beautiful cemetery this Memorial Day weekend, we drove along what Kentucky Ave. could be renamed - Lilac/Apple Lane. The color, fragrance and exuberance of all those blossoming trees was memorable.

From where we sit, we’d like to make some observations that, to us, lead to what we see as Dillon sitting on the cusp of a new era. In preparation for such a renewal, we commend these attributes:

1) Great Harvest Franchise, 2) Patagonia Outlet, 3) our new Barret Hospital, and many medical providers, 4) Western Montana College, with unique Experience One, 5) Western’s fine Equine Program, 6) an extensive trails system,

7) YMCA, with wide-ranging programs and pools,

8) good restaurants, 9) many family small businesses and several new businesses, 10) year round outdoor recreation opportunities, and 11) Soon - a renovated mid-town park that will outshine any in this part of Montana.

Dillon is prepping for a fine future, and our new park will be an outstanding draw – for those wonderful summer concerts, where lunch and music re-create us from daily duties...Shakespeare will have a great venue to continue drawing... crowds of visitors...children’s laughter and play... an ampitheater for events from holiday specials to weddings/receptions.

A welcoming park is a key gathering place in any community, and it indicates a citizenry who value not only aesthetics, but what it means when people can mingle freely and find their spirits refreshed; parks are neutral ground. Children’s lives are enhanced by the kind of free play a good park offers. Green grass, tall shade trees, picnic tables – these serve our sense of re-creation. Anyone who has been blessed to live where good parks exist can verify these values, and it’s exciting that Dillon will have this setting to offer to those of us who live here, to folks from the area who will come to shop and enjoy park offerings, and to visitors looking for a new home or business site. We see Dillon getting ready, and it’s hoped we can all look around to see what is plainly before us every day.

Now, have you bought your $50 pickets to name your children or grandchildren?

Harry and Val Neeley

Negative name calling works

To the editor,

Recently, Trump’s grossly stupid moves of undoing the Iran deal (to fulfill a campaign “promise”) and to move the embassy to Jerusalem (to suck-up to evangelicals and their goofy theology) has made the world a much more unstable place. But he doesn’t care about that. He cares only about Trump. These are all pretty transparent moves to coalesce Trumpniks behind him in preparation for Armageddon - the coming fight with Mueller. Trump knows what he’s done, from conspiracy to Stormy, and he also knows he doesn’t have a legal defense for any of it. He knows he’s guilty.

Fiddling around with global stability for you own selfish needs is despicable enough, but what he’s doing to America writ large may be worse yet. For all his talk about America and patriotism, the Trump administration is just a big crime syndicate. Like the Gambino’s who he did business with in NY, Trump is out to enrich himself. The Presidency is just another avenue to get that done. Even the stuff with Russia is all about corruption. He has no ideology, he believes in nothing other than self-aggrandizement and revenge. And he’s a thoroughly rotten human.

Trump’s attacks on the FBI and the rule of law, and the attempts to disparage Mueller, started out as a way to remove checks on his power as President. To make his current world more like the sleazy world of NY real estate where he could bribe, threaten and bully people at will. Now it’s morphed into a self preservation strategy as Mueller is tightening the noose on a number of fronts. Incessantly screaming “Witch Hunt!” won’t help, as it seems that Mueller has already found over 20 witches. (BTW, doesn’t that make Trump’s whole administration a coven?) Trumpniks are fond of saying that nothing has been proven, but I’m sure they’ll remember that Nixon was innocent until Tape 23 was released. Can you imagine how many “Tape 23’s” Mueller has?

Trump is panicking. So is Rudy the Clown. The treasure trove of data from Cohn will soon be available. Mueller has the tax returns. The truth that the President of the United States is just another mafia sleazeball will soon be apparent to all. Get out the steel balls, the Captain Queeg moment will soon be upon us.

Pete Bengeyfield


Supports Tester

To the editor,

Summer is finally here to add a wave of positivity to Montanan’s already cheery disposition. I just wish the politicians would open the shades and get a little sunshine. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t see some kind of negativity coming out of Washington, D.C. But Senator Jon Tester brings a welcome change to the partisan bickering and gridlock. Senator Tester’s bill to improve healthcare services for veterans, the VA MISSION Act, was sent to the president’s desk for his signature. The bipartisan bill was written to fix many of the problems that the VA Choice Program caused. If you know a veteran in Montana, chances are you’ve heard a story or two about problems accessing the healthcare they need. Jon’s bill is designed to provide solutions. It will make the system easier, and will allow veterans to go to local doctors if they can’t get the care they need from VA centers. This is a huge deal for veterans in Montana, many of whom have to travel long distances to get their care as it is. Jon deserves recognition for rolling up his sleeves and working with his colleagues across the aisle to get things done. Jon alone has passed 15 bills this Congress! It’s one thing to talk the talk, but Senator Jon Tester walks the walk. He has worked for Montanans since going to Washington. Thank you, Jon, for delivering on your promises, staying positive, and working with all of your fellow senators to get things done.

Mary Jo O’Rourke


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