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Liars anonymous

To the editor,

This is the Donald J. Trump report for the month of March. Things are still stormy with no break in the clouds. More details later.

There has been a problem with staff in the White House. One out of every three are gone for various reasons. Some got fired, some quit, some are under investigation. Mr. Trump is going to install a revolving door in the White House This will make it easier for staff to leave. No more, “don’t let the door hit you when you leave.” No more open and closed doors to worry about.

Mr. Trump has been reading, no, he listens on tape, “The Impeachment of Richard Nixon.” Mr. Trump has been asking his staff what “obstruction of Justice” means.

Mr. Trump has been advised to read, or listen to: “How Government Works 101.” Mr. Trump did not know there were three branches to the American Government.

Mr. Trump has been advised to join, “Liars Anonymous.” Mr. Trump has been counted as telling 2140 lies in his first year of office. An average of almost 6 lies per day. This total count did not count the times he was playing golf.

Speaking of golf! Mr. Trump played golf 79 times during his first year in office. Remember he is the man who said, “I will be so busy I will not leave the White House”. The cost to the tax payers for Mr. Trump playing golf has been a total of $59,937,118 dollars. Mr. Trump has given a new name to the word, “ conservative.”

Many in Congress are looking into the word, “delusional”. That report will be next month.

This ends the DJT report for the month of March. March madness is now over! April fool is just around the corner.

LaVon D. Brillhart Dillon

Its a small world

after all

To the editor,

1. No state and no government can morally justify being anything else but a secular state, guaranteeing both freedom of religion and freedom from religion. It is just wrong to have a Christian state, a Muslim state or a Jewish state. Because all countries are multi-national states with national and religious minorities that need protection.

2. Wave after wave of immigrants; since the early days of the Republic, came to take those jobs Americans already here did not want. The working class itself is stateless: because we have no country. We go to where we have the best chance of survival. The definition of legal or illegal depends upon the social and political paranoia of the time in question. For example it was the Chinese Exclusion Act of May 6, 1882, prohibiting all immigration of Chinese laborers, leading to the exclusion of nearly all other East Asians. The need for cheap labor continued. Then the Immigration Act of 1924 targeting immigrants from countries with large Catholic, Orthodox Christians and Jewish Populations leading to the great migration of Southern African Americans to urban industrial centers was because white Americans already there would not take those jobs even if offered. The current problems with the undocumented immigrants are is as American as Cherry Pie. Merit based qualification makes no sense, American born middle class will not touch the really hard and dirty work. Whether in Europe or the United States “guest workers” take the jobs the native born either take until something better comes along or do not take. Thus walls and borders will never work. Employers will employ the illegals as long as it is profitable to do so. They do not care if the workers have green cards or are US citizens. The employers are not forced to hire illegals nor do they choose to, they hire the cheapest labor they can find. The immigrant is not the problem. Having an economy driven solely by the bottom line is the problem.

3. The world is too small for nationalism. The history of the United States is the history of immigration until fairly recently the borders were fairly open. What we need now are countries that are proudly multi-national. Multi-cultural education needs to begin as early in childhood as the first signs of awareness and continue as long as we are alive on this planet. But, we also have a humanitarian crisis on our hands in which people are escaping unimaginable terror. These are real human beings with a right to live. I do work for a world without borders.

Michael Joseph Francisconi Dillon

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