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Clear the swamp

To the editor,

This is the real authentic news of the day! First the front page news. The leader of the swamp has drained the swamp. Now nothing left in the swamp but slimy sludge. The leader of the swamp got rid of everyone. Some quit, some got fired, some are still under investigation. But every day we are still getting swamped with new confusion. Not much left in the swamp but leaches that are trying to suck out the truth.

The weather report! It is very stormy over the daniels. As of yesterday the temperature was very very hot. $130,000 has been spent to cool this storm. We will have to wait to see what course this storm will take.

Political news of the day! United States and North Korea have no diplomatic relations. There have been other relations, but that is a different story. The United States has no Ambassador assigned to North Korea. The only logical person to do this job is Dennis Rodman. Many think Mr. Rodman will bounce to this appointment.

Interior Secretary report! Mr. Ryan Zinke will spend $139,000 for new doors in his office. These doors must be magic or some form of witchcraft for that price. Many want to know if Mr. Zinke is adorable or a door mat for the government?

Tariff news! Congress and the President are looking into a tariff on steel and aluminum. Also being studied is having a tariff on political lies. A tariff lie machine was tried out last week but in just one day it caught on fire.

Spring is almost here, you can hear the tweets all around. No, not the birds but tweets from the White House. Also, everyone in the United States lost one hour because of Daylight Saving Time. After reading the news it might be the best lost hour of your life.

Starting next week the comics will be on the front page because the comics have been rated the best part of the news!

Lavon Brillhart

GreatstoryElla Dillon

Letter to the editor,

It was refreshing to read in the January 10 Tribune obituaries the life story of Ella “April” Laden. She wrote it. She told of being raised by a father and mother who loved her and her 8 siblings and taught them the value of hard work. They also found time to play and enjoy life. She summed up by saying, “life was good”. As a matter of fact, she said “life was good” or “life was great” 8 times. Even though her family had troubles in life she did not dwell on them; during the Depression her father worked even harder rather than go on welfare..

In school she and the other students, led by the teacher, pledged allegiance to the flag of United States of America and “said a prayer to God to bless our nation”. Later in life she became a teacher herself, and she taught in the Dillon Schools for 30 years.

She “served a mighty God”. Toward the end of her life she wrote, “embrace life, live each day fully and gratefully. Life is a precious gift. Love God. Love people.”

Another teacher, Michael Francisconi stated “the meaning of life is found in the daily resistance against injustice, cruelty and rebellion against inequality and oppression”. The USA has done these better than any other nation on earth. Not perfectly, but Mrs. Laden knew that if we asked “God to bless our nation” and we did our part to follow God’s instructions, Mr. Francisconi’s list of good qualities would have their best chance. All USA money states, “In God we trust”. Our Founding Fathers had it right!

Mrs. Laden faced death with “Love” and hope and implied she was looking forward to Eternal Life after her earthly death. May Mr. Francisconi one day find the same Love and Hope .

Wade Hansen