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Wednesday, November 16, 2022

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To the editor, The election is over, so lets move onto to something non-political, shall we? How about that Amazing BCHS Music Program, huh?

The Band and Choir Fall Concert was wonderful. There were more people in attendance that evening than have been in attendance in several years.

Fabulous. Thank you to every single person that attended and gave audience to the talented young musicians that so deserved your applause.... and such great applause you gave.

When I pulled up to the school that evening the cars of attendees surrounded the block and I saw people walking to the school from all directions. It brought happy tears to my eyes to know that these kids and their instructors, who have worked so hard to create a beautiful performance would have the opportunity to be seen and heard as they expressed their love of music with their blossoming talent. They all performed so well and the audience did not withhold its appreciation and praised the musicians with heartfelt applause and even some whistles.

December 14th is the Holiday Concert and I have it on good authority that the musical lineup will be exceptionally wonderful. I cannot wait to see everyone there and why not bring a friend or 2 with you. Let’s keep supporting our kids.

Fay Porter Jackson