Life changing

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

To the editor,

Life as we know has changed from long hikes and fishing trips with friends to sleeping during the day and wide awake at eleven o’clock. Yeah, life changes but usually not as fast as this one. A pandemic hitting every little and big place in its way, all because of a simple bat. It truly is funny, a bat has full control over us. This virus from one small creature could wipe out millions in a day, the elderly, the infants, the ones with bad immune systems, it is taking future generations and past ones.

I’m not writing about how we should all be scared of it, but embracing it to have bonding time with your family. Now how do you have fun with your family? To be honest, it is going to be hard and you might start to get angsty and be done with board games, but just jump back into your inner childhood, it isn’t too far away. What I’m trying to say is that you need to use your brain, your imagination not just flip on TikTok or the “I’m bored” switch up there. Try making up a new exercise routine( it might be hard to start but try and push yourself) or even drawing (you don’t have to be good) maybe take you time, grab a bathbomb, music, and a mud mask and you’re set for the perfect bath.

There is so much you can do, I could literally name so many more things but we will get back to that after I finish my SEVEN page science paper, my Spanish book, the long overdue English daily question from last week, my accounting that I hope is teaching me how to do my taxes, oh and my forty five questions for math class. School is a great opportunity to have. I’m glad I can say I have over a second grade reading level, but to be honest some days summer feels too far away to be true. I realize teaching online can be hard for teachers. So is waking up at seven to start school work and ending around six and realizing you went through the whole day eating pretzels and the random candy bar in the cupboard and still have not finished close to your week’s work.

I know I’m making it sound terrible but some things brighten my day, like the cringy loom videos for math or sleeping in on the weekends. Oh no, I almost forgot some of us have one more thing added onto our schedule… work. Not school, but the ranch hand, or the fast food kids, or the quiet busy pizza guy, or the stressed coffee house student. Yeah it’s quarantine, but people need money to buy food to survive and some kids help out paying the bills.

I once sat next to an elderly woman who made me smile every Sunday. She told me that when I was her age she hoped for two things: one I didn’t regret anything from the past, and two never forget how important people are and their purpose in life. Those two simple things have helped me get through quarantine without going absolutely crazy. Your neighbor is not above or below you in any way. Your rude co-worker is just struggling at home and the kid that pestered you in class just needed a friend. Right now we can look at all the bad and sink ourselves into pity or we can simply party and look at life like we are four again, every little or big thing a new adventure. Suicides are going up and mental health is going down, let’s join together and help each other smile through long work hours, sleepless nights, not enough food, let’s make every day something special for one person and if we all do... there won’t be one starving kid, any lonely elderly, no more time to fear the future because we are living right now, changing the future just with a smile. Don’t regret yesterday’s change today.

Your candidate for Miss Teen Dillon Montana USA and proud Beaverhead County High School student

Mikelle Mosher

BCHS sophomore