Liberal spending

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

To the editor,

Last week, in almost every Montana newspaper Steve Daines whinged on about the ‘liberal’ federal spending in the most recent Covid stimulus package. However, if you read his article closely, and then recall Daines’ own record, you realize that our Senator isn’t against all federal spending, just spending that doesn’t go to his favored recipients. Daines fully supported Donald Trump when our former president threw federal dollars at farmers and ranchers to ‘compensate’ them for losses caused by the China trade war. While this bribery was going on we heard nary a peep from Daines about federal spending. Apparently for Daines, whether federal spending is a good or bad thing depends on who is receiving the federal largesse. With this in mind let’s review his article. Daines stands proudly against: 1) states getting money to help with Covid expenses, 2) children getting money, 3) education getting money, 4) healthcare getting money, 5) ordinary people getting a $1400 payment and 6) our crumbling infrastructure getting money. This isn’t, as Daines claims, a liberal wish list, this is just a list to help normal people. I ask, who the hell is Steve Daines representing? I suggest he try something new, and spend more time with regular people, the kind who use the above services he is so against, and maybe spend less time at his country club bar hobnobbing with rich, stetsoned corporate ranchers and farmers.

Steve Daines rails on about President Biden and the Democrats’ lack of bipartisanship. It should be noted that the first five stimulus packages passed with Republican AND Democratic support, that is, with bipartisan support, which is how Congress should act when Americans are suffering and need help. Is it just coincidence that Daines favored all five Republican Covid stimulus packages, and then not only voted against, but throws massive shade on the Biden/Democrat Senate package? Americans and Montanans are still suffering, so I don’t understand the difference in his vote and attitude I ask now, exactly who is playing the partisan card?

Come on Steve, represent all Montanans, not just your favored few. And stop yelling ‘partisanship’ like Mr. Chicken Little. How did Montana ever end up with such a small grub digger representing us in Washington?

Mark Lesnioski