Liberal bias

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

To the editor,

The Montana Press newspaper that accompanies the Dillon Tribune is obviously a far left-wing liberal paper. It is so biased that it makes no attempt to present a fair and balanced viewpoint. It is not truthful journalism in any way. What little truth it does present has so much spin on it that the truth is lost. The April paper had (on page 6) another article attempting to discredit (cancel culture) Gov. Gianforte because he stands up for traditional Conservative Christian values, based on the truth of the Bible. The article on page 6 puts Gov. Gianforte in the same category as others the Montana Press does not like and wants to “cancel culture” them. For example, The Montana Press quotes the millions in “revenues” traditional Conservative Christian organizations receive from donors that support them without saying what the “revenues” are used for, and implies the leaders are leading just so they can get rich. If the “Montana Press” wanted to do truthful investigative journalism, and report it, they would have included facts such as:

• Dr. James Dobson was president of Focus On The Family from 1976 to 2010. He received no salary and donated a percentage of the sales from his books to Focus On The Family. Focus On The Family has helped millions of families whether they could donate money to the cause or not.

• Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) does not charge their clients any money. Much of the lawyer’s work is pro bono (no fee) . Several years ago in Butte, Montana they defended the valedictorian at Butte High School after the administration took away her freedom of speech and freedom of religion. This case was won by ADF, reinstating these two freedoms for students. They also won the case for Jack Phillips from Colorado at the U.S. Supreme Court for basically the same situation, ADF has defended clients in all walks of life and are winning over 80% of these cases.

These are just two of the many examples of the Montana Press’ untruthful bias. At the end of the Montana Press’ April article on Gov. Gianforte (pages 6 & 7) they ended by stating Gov. Gianforte and others would not comment. Montana Press spins the truth so much, why would they want to comment?

Wade Hansen