Kory Stephen Dyk 1984 – 2022

Wednesday, January 4, 2023
Kory Stephen Dyk 1984 – 2022

Kory Stephen Dyk, 38, of Laurel, MT unexpectedly passed away in his favorite place—his home shop—on December 25, 2022. It is fitting that Kory, a faithful Christian, joined our Lord and Savior on His birthday.

Kory will be missed by many, especially by his family whom he adored. Fynnly (10), Scout (8), and Mack (6) were Kory’s top priority. One of Kory’s favorite things to do with Fynnly was to build Legos and watch Lego Masters. They started building Legos together before Fynnly could walk. He also passed on his love of rock music to his girl. With Scout, Kory spent many hours in the shop working on RC’s and drones or playing video games. They were frequently seen cruising down the road together in the International Scout, a tractor, a pickup, or some other vehicle. Kory taught Mack many of his dance moves including the fist bump, and the two were often seen rocking out and dancing in the kitchen or basement. Mack also loved joining Kory in the shop and helping him clean. Although some might say Kory’s next love was his wife and high school sweetheart, Ashlynn, she would argue that his next love was tractors. After many years dating/engaged, they were married in Dillon, MT on June 27, 2009 spending 20 years together.

Kory followed his father’s footsteps studying Petroleum Engineering at Montana Tech where he made life-long friends and played football for the infamous Coach Green. He was a workaholic who took a great deal of pride in his job and rightfully so; he was very good at what he did which was recognized by many. He had a heart for the guys on the ground doing the field work where he also liked to be found. He frequently observed and instantly respected those whose hands were dirty, stained, and/or torn up. Kory was a rational thinker (sometimes to a fault) and a good teacher. He enjoyed many hobbies including dirt biking, football, RC’s, Legos, camping, welding, and so much more. Mostly, though, Kory enjoyed tinkering on mechanical things and building, rebuilding, and/or restoring old vehicles and tractors including the International Scout. He frequently acted like his toys and adventures were for the kids/family, but everyone who knew Kory knew he was a [really big] kid at heart who was reliving his childhood with his own children.

Kory is survived by his three children Fynnly, Scout, and Mack; wife Ashlynn; parents Joe (Diane) Dyk and Gwen (Rod) McRae; parents-in law TJ and Gayleen Reynolds; siblings Chris (Terra) Dyk, Lisa Alex, and Tyler Dyk; brother-inlaw Lynn (Shannon) Reynolds; grandmother Arlitta Fenner; and many cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends.

Services were held at The Rock Church in Laurel, MT, December 29, 2022.

In lieu of flowers or food, gifts may be contributed to an account set up in the children’s names at Yellowstone Bank in Laurel, MT.