Kids need bowhunter instructor for Dillon

As Montanans of all ages continue to take an interest in learning archery, more bowhunter education instructors are needed to accommodate that interest in coming years.

Currently, Region 3 has 56 active bowhunter education volunteer instructors to serve a population spread over seven southwestern Montana counties with a need for more. That need is likely felt greatest in more rural areas, especially in Beaverhead County. There, longstanding instructors retired in recent years leaving Dillon without a formal bowhunter education course in 2017 and none yet planned for 2018.

FWP always welcomes new recruits to support the hunting tradition.

Some bowhunters may have considered becoming an instructor, but they hesitate because they don’t know what is required or whether they have the time or experience it takes to be effective.

FWP provides everything needed to get started and the process begins online here: instructors/

Some of the basics requirements to becoming a volunteer instructor include:

• Filling out an application form and successfully passing a background check;

• Reviewing FWP’s program policy and procedures manual;

• Completing an online training course for new instructors;

• Team-teaching with another instructor for at least five hours