From Idaho with love

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

To the editor,

Who is he working FOR?

The performance of Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte makes one wonder if he is really working to represent Montana’s best interests. His initial run for our Congressional seat started in 2017 with an assault against a reporter who dared to keep asking him questions with revealing answers. He has intentionally blocked public access along a popular river and poached a wolf knowing that both were in violation of state law. Then he appears as governor where he assembles and encourages a mob of legislators and administration officials who seem to be intent on bringing down the economic, educational, and social stability of our state.

COVID comes along and he openly defies public health recommendations saying that you don’t have to wear a mask or get vaccinated, even if it would benefit all of us. But perhaps worst of all is that millions of dollars in COVID relief funds for medical and social support programs have been unspent under his direction when thousands of Montanans are suffering and dying, can’t work because they lost their jobs or must stay at home to care for family members, and health workers are stretched beyond reasonable expectations to care for the unvaccinated. Oh, and the care of those unvaccinated has only cost us another $35 million in the past six months. In the meantime, Gov. Gianforte has time to come to Dillon for a photo opportunity to smile big and hold a big check donated for the America Rescue Plan that he and his cronies actively opposed. Its past time to ask how long can we allow this governor and his crew to keep doing things TO Montana, and demand that he or someone reputable and respectable start doing things FOR Montana. We can do that through upcoming elections, beginning in 2022. DO it!

Jim Roscoe