Here at last! First baby Matthew arrives in Dillon on Jan. 11

M.P. Regan
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
Happy to be here

Matthew Stephen Grover joins dad and mom Tyler and Stephanie for a group photo at Barrett Hospital and Healthcare last week. Matthew became Dillon’s “First Baby of 2023” on Jan. 11. M.P. Regan photo

While the world awaited news last week of the drawing for the $1.3 billion Mega Millions jackpot, a local couple gained a far more valuable prize—new baby Matthew Stephen Grover.

And with his 6:29 p.m. deliver on Jan. 11 at Barrett Hospital & Healthcare in Dillon, the eight-pound Matthew won his own grand prize—loving parents Tyler and Stephanie Grover, and their supportive families.

As the first baby born in Dillon this year, Matthew also netted a bassinetload of gifts from area businesses and organizations gathered by the Dillon Tribune to honor the newest addition to the community.

Or, as his mom advised young Matthew: “You’re already a winner, sir.”

In addition to all that, Matthew gained a sibling, nearly-one-year-old sister, Justine, already in the habit of subtracting from his gift hauls.

“We had a baby shower for Matthew right after Thanksgiving. He got a lot of toys and books and things,” recalled Matthew’s mom.

“She unwrapped them. She thinks their her toys in her house,” smiled dad.

“He also got some blankets. She thought they were for her. So, she was pretty upset when we brought them here for him,” remembered mom, who got a visit in the hospital from her daughter Friday to size up her new brother/competitor.

Though Justine’s feelings toward Baby Matthew seem destined to grow warmer and more cooperative as she observes the love and respect with which his mom and dad treat her new little brother—and each other.

Tyler and Stephanie met a few years back, while he was attending the University of Idaho and she worked toward her degree at nearby Washington State.

“We met swing-dancing. We used to go swing dancing all the time,” recalled Stephanie, who like Tyler sees future spare time getting spent sharing their hobbies of horseback riding, hunting and camping with their kids.

“We’re most excited for the horses, going on family packing trips and stuff like that,” said Tyler of an activity that Justine has already enjoyed with her parents.

“It’s something we can do together,” noted dad.

The opportunity to pursue those hobbies and the lands they can best be pursued upon helped inspire the couple to return to Tyler’s home state after college.

“Tyler wanted to move back to Montana,” commented Stephanie of her husband, whose family hails from the Ruby Valley.

“It wasn’t hard to convince her,” said Tyler.

“We lived in Missoula while I went to law school, and then I got a job here working for Judge Berger,“ said Stephanie, who now works locally, offering legal services through a law firm out of Minnesota called Wagner, Falconer & Judd.

Tyler works for Beaverhead County Road Department, a job that lets him spend nights and weekends at home with his growing family that features several generations of area residents.

One of Tyler’s grandpas, a longtime mainstay in Alder, lent his first name to the new baby, Matthew Stephen Grover, whose middle name matches that of his mother’s grandpa from Idaho.

The gifts Matthew won through the Dillon Tribune include: *newborn diapers from Town & Country Foods in Dillon; *a baby gift from The Gallery in downtown Dillon; *four lattes from Sweetwater Coffee in downtown Dillon; *a baby gift from the 3-D Store in downtown Dillon; *a one-year subscription to the Dillon Tribune; *a baby gift from Pioneer Federal Savings & Loan in downtown Dillon; *a gift certificate from the Bank of Commerce in downtown Dillon; *a baby gift from Barrett Hospital & Healthcare; *a 30-minute newborn session with Grace Pauley Photography LLC A special note on that last gift, Grace Pauley got plenty of practice snapping photos of newborns over the past year as the mom of the first baby born in Dillon in 2022.