Four more years

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

To the editor,

OK, how many of you are still with him? How many want to re-elect Trump for another four years? Why? Is it the decisive leadership he’s shown in combating the COVID virus? Or maybe the steely backbone he showed when Putin put a bounty on our troops? Could it be the incisive intellect on display in his hour-long “press conference” that lacked a complete sentence? Or the “family values” evident in his niece’s new book on the Trump Syndicate? Possibly the pardoning of Roger Stone? I know, it’s the razor-sharp minds of his advisors like DeVos who said, “you can’t plan for something that hasn’t happened yet.” Brilliant. And then there’s his News-Barbie press secretary who said that science shouldn’t get in the way of sending kids back to school. Another brain bank. But they’re all speaking Trump’s words.

I realize that none of these things even remotely give pause to the Kool-Aid drinkers, and that the only reason Trump’s poll numbers are cratering is that people are seeing the real possibility of their families dying as a result of his ignorant policies. Everybody understands body bags.

It should be lost on no one that the states where Republican governors split from Trump are doing OK, and that those governors who sucked up to him are killing their citizens. That lesson alone should motivate us in Montana. Would Gianforte have had the foresight and backbone to buck Trump to save the lives of Montanans? Or would he have backed good old Republican greed and recklessly opened the economy? I don’t think the jury even has to leave the box on that.

Look, Joe Biden is going to have to get us out of this. Because a functioning federal government has to get us out of this. The COVID Crisis, set against the background of the Trump years, has shown the necessity, once again, of a strong federal presence. In that respect, Biden, with his years of experience at the Federal level, may be the perfect candidate. If he can assemble a competent team and then manipulate the levers of government to create a response not only to COVID but to Trumpism itself, he will have made America great again.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Trumpism, which set out to destroy the old New Deal, actually was responsible for the creation of the new New Deal? History is full of ironies.

Pete Bengeyfield