Fighting COVID

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

To the editor,

On Nov. 24, after being tested for the virus, I get a call telling me 1 had tested positive. It was hard to believe, as I had not been anywhere except the grocery store. Thinking back I had remembered I had not wiped down the cart handle. Being negligent is the only way I could have come in contact.

Worse part, my sister had been to my home that afternoon, before I had found out my results, then exposing her. After two days, she came down with a severe, nonstop headache, achy bones and was very weak. A few days later I came down with a very upset

A few days later I came down with a very upset stomach, throwing up all day and not being able to get rid of the upset stomach feeling. Every day family was calling to see how I was feeling and I continued to get worse.

Due to family concern, I was ambulanced to the hospital, where they found I was severely dehydrated. We are lucky to have such a fine hospital and COVID working staff. Thank you ladies.

Since experiencing dehydration, feel strongly that a lot of people who are dying, could be dying of what had happened to me. When you are alone and very sick, you are not thinking about hydration. I was very lucky that I had family looking after me, and had I not gotten to the hospital when I did, may not be typing this letter now.

I think it is imperative that folks know, when they get this virus, that they should ingest as much liquids as they can. Thanks to all those who helped me come out of a very serious condition.

I was also pleased that my sis came through the virus, also. We both had different symptoms and left with the side effects of being very fatigued.

Ramona McAfee