Family receives intimidating message on sidewalk

J.p. Plutt
Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Kristi Descalchuk remains resolute in her support of President Donald Trump, despite a threatening message left on her sidewalk. J.P. Plutt photo

Mike and Kristi Descalchuk live on the eastside of Dillon and were proud to post a sign in their yard supporting the President of the United States Donald Trump. Saturday morning, Kristi discovered a message written on the sidewalk to their home. Written in chalk on the walk in front of their house – Trump is a racist and so are you. On the walk to their stoop – BLM (an acronym for the activist group Black Lives Matter).

“Instantly I thought, in Dillon, Montana?” said Kristi on Monday. “I was just shocked and disappointed.”

Mike was upset and worried. His job keeps him away from home, on the road.

“I’m gone all of the time and so it worries me that if they come back and I’m not there and Kristi is home alone,” said the husband. “People shouldn’t be doing stuff like that in Dillon, Montana,” said Mike. “It is a pretty bad deal when people threaten you like that and try to intimidate your vote. The closer we get to Nov. 3, I think its going to get worse, and how is it going to be if Trump wins? A lot of people are scared of this BLM stuff.”

According to Kristi, Mike made it home by Saturday night and stayed out on the porch, concerned that the perpetrators might return.

The Dillon Police Department is investigating the incident, according to Assistant Chief Jeremy Alvarez. He said the person or persons involved would likely face a misdemeanor criminal mischief charge for the grafitti if apprehended. He said he was unaware of any other similar incidents in Dillon, but he spoke with Undersheriff Bill Knox and there have been several reports of Trump signs going missing in Lima.

“People are upset because it is their property,” said Alvarez.