Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Letter to the editor,

Full disclosure: Mayor John McGinley is my brother. Judge Kaylan Minor is my niece. Jim Valach is a family friend. Now let’s discuss what happened on April 6.

Judge Minor was ordered to Active Duty for training. She has the authority to recommend an Acting Judge to serve in her absence (Montana Code Annotated 10-1-1010 (1) (b). You may disagree with this legal authority. You are entitled to an “opinion.” However, Judge Minor absolutely has statutory authority for this purpose!

Mr. Ray Graham, however, spent 45 minutes belaboring an issue that was ultimately approved unanimously. In the process, he disparaged the character and integrity of both Kay and Jim, with no other purpose than to create a public spectacle. He should be ashamed and embarrassed.

Mr. Graham, if you were so outraged by this alleged lack of transparency, as you claimed, then you should have voted “against” this appointment. You did not. This was a circus stunt!

Just so everyone is aware, Jim Valach will receive a stipend while Judge Minor attends military training. Do you want to know what he intends to do with the money? He’s donating it to Jaycee Park.

Mr. Graham, if you want to understand why people are disgusted with city government, your actions are a perfect example of the problem. The fact is, you were NOT prepared for the meeting. You did NOT read the materials available to you in advance. This is NOT a lack of transparency. This is a lack of preparation on your part!

With all due respect, Mr. Graham, you owe the City of Dillon, Kay Minor, and Jim Valach an apology for your behavior.

Mark J. McGinley